Ex-vegan heals his eczema and regains his health on a carnivore diet

I’d like to share my eczema healing success story with before and after photos.
I was vegan for 3 years and as a result developed serious eczema and became sickly. Animal foods healed me in less than half a year!

Thank you for sharing the valuable information about real health – it played an important part in my recovery as I often stumbled upon podcasts and videos featuring you! I’m grateful for your work.

There’s a lot to explain, which I did with these two videos

Check out these two videos for more information:

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1 thought on “Ex-vegan heals his eczema and regains his health on a carnivore diet”

  1. Watched this guy’s video when YouTube suggested them to me. AWESOME story – if ever there was a story to make people switch to carnivore, his is it! Love the story and how he explains everything is great. So excited to see his success!

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