VIP community guests

MeatRx VIP Guest List 2021

  • Tara Vander Dussen
  • Alysha van der Valk
  • Gabor Erdosi
  • Elliot Overton
  • Jack Singleton
  • Troy Casey
  • Matt Maruca
  • Scott Kobryn
  • Eric Edmeades
  • Prof. Tim Noakes
  • Stuart Phillips
  • Caitlin Weeks
  • Chris Knobbe
  • Dr. Dave Harper
  • Kristie Sullivan, PhD
  • Mark Bell

How it works

  • Check the online online meetings calendar for upcoming expert guests. 
  • Meetings are group video calls on the Zoom app. Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” from this link
  • When you click on the meeting link, it will automatically open the Zoom app and you can join the meeting. Video instructions
  • In the first part of the meeting the guest will talk about their experience and wisdom.
  • In the second part of the meeting you can ask your questions from the guest. There are two ways: 
  •           1- Anonymous: You can ask the questions in the chat and the moderator will ask them from the guest. 
  •           2- Not anonymous: You can also ask your question directly from the guest in the last part of the meeting. 
  • The meetings are recorded and will be published on the MeatRx podcast. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can turn off your camera during the Zoom meeting and only ask your questions in the chat.