Access the program:

1- Fill out the Coach Signup Form 

2- Fill out the Vendor Signup Form if you haven’t previously filled it out for another MeatRx coaching certification program

  • The purpose of this is to have an independent vendor dashboard to manage your clients.
  • There will be only one product there: your coaching product. No other products or merchandise is sold on there.
  • Enter your full name for “Vendor Name” 
  • In the description put “Coaching” 
  • It might take up to 24 hrs to get approved.
  • Upon approval you will get access to training modules in the website menu.

Complete the program:

  1. Complete all the training modules
  2. Watch the final test preparation video
  3. Pass the final test
  4. Pass the Mock Interview
  5. Read Coaching Setup and Management
  6. Get connected to coaches groups and meetings


  • You officially become a coach when your coaching product gets approved, then it gets posted under Menu > Book a Coach.
  • Coaches earn $24 per hour. That is $12 per 30 minute coaching session. This price is subject to change and discounts offered by the platform. Payments will be made to you at the beginning and middle of the month.
  • MeatRx doesn’t guarantee to provide clients. Most successful coaches are active on MeatRx online meetings and forum. They also promote their MeatRx coaching profile on social media and attract their own clients. 
  • All carnivore/ fasting coaching must be done through the MeatRx platform as noted in the purchase agreements of the Coach Certification Program.