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Clark lost weight on a carnivore diet

Began my journey January 21, 2019. I weighed in at 275. I began doing keto, but switched to strict carnivore about 7 months ago. I now weigh 207 lbs, and continuing til I reach 190.  Even then will continue carnivore as it has been life changing. Meat for the win!

9 thoughts on “Clark lost weight on a carnivore diet

  1. Awesome outcome! What is your age and BF%?

    1. Thanks Bob. I am 36. I haven’t measured my body fat yet. Am going to take it when I reach my goal weight of 190

  2. Holy Cow you look freaking amazing!!!

    1. Thank you Traci🙂

  3. That physique is IMPOSSIBLE without steroids. Don’t fool the people.

    1. @tete why are you even on this forum? go home, you’re drunk.
      @clark – lookin’ good brother.

      1. Thanks Dave. I don’t let ignorant weak minded people bug me🙂

    2. Thank you for the compliment of assuming that I have to be on steroids lol

      1. When I worked out heavy and had big bicepts people assumed I must be on steroids because of the big fat loss and muscle gain. I’m hoping the assume that again once I get some pounds off and back to the gym with carnivore.

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