Clark lost weight on a carnivore diet

Began my journey January 21, 2019. I weighed in at 275. I began doing keto, but switched to strict carnivore about 7 months ago. I now weigh 207 lbs, and continuing til I reach 190.  Even then will continue carnivore as it has been life changing. Meat for the win!

Watch or listen to Clarke’s interview on the podcast below:

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12 thoughts on “Clark lost weight on a carnivore diet”

    1. Thanks Bob. I am 36. I haven’t measured my body fat yet. Am going to take it when I reach my goal weight of 190

      1. When I worked out heavy and had big bicepts people assumed I must be on steroids because of the big fat loss and muscle gain. I’m hoping the assume that again once I get some pounds off and back to the gym with carnivore.

        1. Beef is the way to go. Not just protein content, but iron, creatine, zinc for your testosterone levels. Most days I’m eating lots of beef and eggs

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