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Chandler heals tendons, vasculitis, piriformis syndrome, loses weight, and feels fantastic on a carnivore diet

In 2017 I was pre-diabetic. I was suffering greatly with vasculitis, had tendon problems in my feet, and I had piriformis syndrome. My whole body was inflamed.

I was in bad shape, crippled really, and none of my doctors we’re able to help me except to put me on steroids which only helped temporarily. I knew I could not stay on them very long.

I found the low carb community online and started down that path at 245 lbs. 9 months later my weight had gone to a 190 lbs and I was nearly symptom free. My diet gradually evolved and since I have gone to about 90% carnivore. My weight is 178 lbs, my waist-to-height ratio is less than 1/2, my cholesterol is 187 HDL 92 LDL 86 triglycerides 44. My CAC score is a zero!

I feel fantastic!  I’m 57 years old and feel 35 again.

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