Transition period tips

Carnivore transition period tips by coach Tracy K

In the beginning of transitioning from your previous diet to the carnivore lifestyle, there will be some adjustment. Paying close attention to your electrolytes is a good thing. Our bowel is getting used to not having carbs and often times drops water along with diarrhea. This can flush out some of  your electrolytes and make

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Carnivore transition period tips by coach Michele F

  During the transition, it’s critical to stay motivated and REMEMBER YOUR “WHY”. Write down a list of all the reasons you are trying this way of eating. What do you want to discover? Or hope to see? Why challenge yourself in this way? What would you like to overcome? What successes have you heard

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Carnivore transition period tips by coach Dana S

Difficulty digesting fats (heartburn, diarrhea) try adding a spore probiotic and ox bile until your body can digest the fat properly. try changing up the type of fat you are consuming or cutting back temporarily.  Problematic fats tend to be: dairy pork chicken rendered Check your salt intake or electrolyte intake.  Diarrhea could be due

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Carnivore transition period tips by coach Emily R

Keep it simple- Just pick meat you enjoy and can afford! Many people include organs in their carnivore diet, many don’t. Many carnivores enjoy dairy, some cannot tolerate it. Many find that they feel better on ruminant meat only, others eat any and every meat available. You have a long time to play with your

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Getting started & carnivore transition period by coach Elizabeth B

When you transition from a diet with carbohydrates of any kind that come from plants, it is best to start with a simple meal plan. You will be going through a lot of changes. Your gut bacteria that lived off of carbohydrates will die off. Other bacteria will thrive. This may occasionally cause bloating as

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