Social life tips

Social life tips by coach Tracy K

Planning is the biggest key here! Plan, plan, plan! If you have a holiday or a birthday approaching, you’ll want to know exactly how to handle that scenario so that you do not fall off of your plan! One idea to help you through is to eat before you go to the event. If you

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Social life tips by coach Elizabeth B

if you are eating out or with friends, again, make sure you don’t arrive hungry. Most hosts or restaurants will want to provide different choices, but as in grocery stores, there will usually be more carbohydrate and sugar foods than carnivore foods.    I often eat some fat and protein before I arrive so I

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Social life tips by coach Dana S

Try to schedule social events away from food. Avoid trigger foods.  Avoid putting anything sweet in your mouth, especially if you are a sugar or carb addict. If your social situation is around food and it is appropriate: Eat before you go – eat fully to satiety. Bring something everyone can enjoy that you know

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Social life tips by coach Michele F

If you know that you have an event coming up on your calendar, during which food will be involved, it can be a great idea to pre-eat before attending the event. Pre-eating will ensure you have the nutrients you need for your day and that you’re full and satiated, during the event. When you’re nourished

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