Tips from Carnivore Coaches

Carnivore cooking tips by coach Michele F

Buy a couple pounds of ground beef, sprinkle on some sea salt, and stir it in a Dutch oven on the stove, on medium heat. You will be pleased with how delicious and satisfying it is to taste the flavor of meat in it’s own juices. Once cooked, you can fill separate glass dishes to

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Carnivore cooking tips by coach Bruce W

Steaks specifically rare/med rare depending on size    Pat dry with a paper towels Salt liberally on both sides kosher salt or sea salt  Let it rest on a rack or plate    While it is resting heat up a pan with tallow,bacon fat, butter Once the pan is hot and the fat has melted

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Dealing with cravings tips by coach Dana S

  Cravings are usually short lived in the moment but can last for a while until you are fully adapted. Abstinence works wonders but takes time be fully effective.  Avoid trigger foods.  Avoid putting anything sweet in your mouth, especially if you are a sugar or carb addict. If possible, remove trigger foods from your

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Dealing with cravings and staying accountable tips by coach Michele F

To cope with cravings, it helps greatly to hydrated! Sometimes, you may think that you have a food craving, but you’re really just thirsty.  Secondly, when you have a craving, it can help to ask yourself, “Am I hungry?”  When you’re hungry, your brain may send you a memory of a particular food it recalls

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Social life tips by coach Elizabeth B

if you are eating out or with friends, again, make sure you don’t arrive hungry. Most hosts or restaurants will want to provide different choices, but as in grocery stores, there will usually be more carbohydrate and sugar foods than carnivore foods.    I often eat some fat and protein before I arrive so I

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Social life tips by coach Dana S

Try to schedule social events away from food. Avoid trigger foods.  Avoid putting anything sweet in your mouth, especially if you are a sugar or carb addict. If your social situation is around food and it is appropriate: Eat before you go – eat fully to satiety. Bring something everyone can enjoy that you know

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Social life tips by coach Michele F

If you know that you have an event coming up on your calendar, during which food will be involved, it can be a great idea to pre-eat before attending the event. Pre-eating will ensure you have the nutrients you need for your day and that you’re full and satiated, during the event. When you’re nourished

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Spinal & muscular health tips by coach Karla H

20 years ago I had a diskectomy on my spine of L5 / S 1 from a ruptured disk. From 2000 until may of 2017 I had chronic back pain stiffness and often acute flare ups from I’m assuming scar tissue, lack of mobility etc post surgery.    Since starting carnivore my flare ups have

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Spinal health tips by coach Elizabeth B

As an osteopath I recommend the carnivore diet for skeletal and spinal health. The nutrients available in animal proteins and fat not only ensure we get adequate minerals for bone mineralization, but also protein and vitamin D for collagen formation. Bones are made up of 65 percent mineralized collagen, which gives bones their solid infrastructure,

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Oxalate dumping tips by coach Parveen S

I would like to share a few tips as a coach who can help you with oxalate dumping.    Oxalate dumping can be cyclical and is a signaling process. Once you go carnivore and you carry a heavy vegetarian load, the oxalate crystals in your body will be released. Oxalates can be found in your

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