Jerry found his abs in his 50’s on a carnivore diet

At 53 I found Keto from a coworker who had lost 100lbs.


I was lacking energy and feeling old.  Like most at first I was sceptical eating meat based but did research and decided to give it a try. As a child and most of life I had belly fat and thought like most it was genetics.  I went from 210lbs at 5’11” down to 175 lbs in 6 months and waist down almost 10 inches.  I found I do have abs. I am now mostly carnivore. I feel like I set the clock back physically 30 years.


Im am leaner and more muscular than ever . Other improvement are too many to list but include better sleep, I wake up before alarm clock 99% of time and ready to go . I started doing crossfit interval training and exercise daily.


I felt over the hill at 53 but now at  almost 56 feel like I am still climbing the hill. I am firm believer that meat based diet is 90% key to health at any age The physical improvements including being lean are great but feeling great is what its about.  The included heavy picture was 
after losing 18 pounds and then an additional 17 pounds.



Kyle treated his depression and digestive symptoms on a carnivore diet

Kyle lost weight, alleviated his symptoms of depression, fixed his digestion and sleep, as well as greatly increasing his exercising capabilities on a carnivore diet.


Listen to Kyle’s story of how he healed his health on a carnivore diet on the podcast.

Jeff eliminated his type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea on a carnivore diet

Jeff used fasting and carnivore to lose 85 lbs and keep it off for over 2 years. He went from 270 lbs to 185 lbs.


He eliminated his type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint inflammation and sleep apnea.


Jeff has killed his carb addiction and also his alcohol cravings.  His blood work is normal and he is off all of his medications.


He feels better and stronger at 50 than 20 years ago! 


Listen to Jeff’s success story on the podcast

Holly healed her Plantar Fasciitis on a carnivore diet

Holly was healthy as a child and didn’t notice any health issues until she was 16 years old and developed a dairy intolerance.  Nine years later Holly had her first of four babies in the span of two years and three months.  After so much in a short time she started to notice her mood change and would be quick to anger and her body was becoming sore and tired.


Holly decided to try several diets including the keto diet.  All of the diets worked for weight loss but never healed her pain and discomfort.  


Holly decided to try the carnivore diet for eight weeks.  During that time, she healed her aches and pains, headaches, thinning hair, mood and changed her relationship with food.  She decided to say with the carnivore way of eating.


Listen to Holly’s wonderful story of healing on the podcast!


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