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Yuri improved mood, sleep, memory and more on a raw carnivore diet

I have been testing and using a raw meat and fish diet from April 2016 to the present time (June 2018). My adaptation lasted 3-4 months. I had night muscle cramps, brain fog and diarrhea that lasted about two months (up to 4-6 times a day at the beginning). The diarrhea stopped completely but returned after about a week for a few days. I haven’t had it for a very long time. 

After the adaptation, my overall health began improving gradually. I started to have mostly a good mood, feeling more alive, better sleep, good lightness in the body, my memory stopped diminishing and improved, increasing clearness of my mind. My mind  became more organised and my mental and physical reactions became faster. I don’t have any headaches or diseases anymore! For long periods of time I can be around people who have the cold or flu  and yet stay healthy and not contaminated.

My back pain (lasting a few days), that I usually had after lifting something very heavy, has stopped to appear after half a year of the diet. With the Meat and Fish Zero Carb (MFZC) diet your muscles may start to grow and adjust according to your genetically predisposed type of the body even if you are not active or do not exercise (If you exercise the shape of your body, it can change according to your chosen plan). My joints don’t have any pain anymore and they have become more flexible without any exercise.

Small red spots and pimples on my body, face and shingles (usually I often had a few small) have disappeared. My skin became better and stopped to produce new related to aging brown (liver) spots on the body and new small keratomas on my head (part of them disappeared later). On my face I had  a big thick flat grey wart, after about year being on the MFZC diet, the wart has started to crack and fell off. Small white lipomas under the lower eyelids have disappeared.  The process of balding on my head has stopped and my hair stopped greying.

The feeling of permanent thirsty,  frequent visits to washroom, hot feeling inside the body after eating sweet fruits – all went away. My past frequent constipation and diarrhea do not appear anymore and I have normal bowel movement mostly every day. My gums and remaining teeth became clean, healthy and strong. I brush my teeth only with water and use dental floss. My breath is always fresh. I do not know how long I will have my great healthy condition but may compare it with some conditions of wild animals. In the wild, if animals eat genetically proper raw food for them, they age significantly less visible than people do. The animals keep their health, energy and all kinds of activity until they die from natural causes.

While mostly on the MFZC diet, I use and test the Costco fatty beef and frozen wild salmon. The beef is mainly whole strip sirloin (5-7 kg pieces), I weight and cut it into daily portions. 2-3 of the portions I put in the fridge and eat in the first days. Leftovers are kept in the freezer for later use. I eat two times a day – one third of the daily portion in the morning and two thirds in the evening (if the portion is frozen I put it in the fridge in the evening for the next day). The evening portion I return to the fridge until evening. The wild salmon I usually eat 2-3 times a week in the morning.

Why the raw MFZC diet is better than the cooked ZC diets? Raw food breaks down easily, undergoes autolysis (self-digestion) and digests faster. Actually genetically we aren’t designed for cooked food and many years of evolution did not adopt us to cooked food completely.