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Joe improved digestion, acne, joint pain and allergies on carnivore diet

I have eaten a beef-dominant ketogenic diet since about March 2018. I have felt many benefits from switching my way of eating to one which prioritizes ruminant meat (beef, lamb, etc.). For about six months leading up to the DEXA body scan above where I had 8.9% body fat, I did detailed food logging; I ate 2.3 pounds of ruminant meat and over 2 eggs per day over that stretch (along with other low-carb, low-omega-6 foods). Though I track what I eat (out of personal interest and so that I can accurately tell others), eating this way enables me to maintain terrific body composition without counting calories or being scientific; I can trust my body’s signals.
I was fortunate to still be in decent metabolic health when I began eating this way, but I have still noticed many improvements. Since eating this way I have significantly reduced acne breakouts and stomachaches. I spend a lot less time on the toilet than I used to, and now my bowel movements are much less loud, less messy, and less uncomfortable. The digestive health improvements have been tremendous; even after eating a large meal, I feel ready to immediately get in a good workout. Also, my seasonal allergies have been noticeably reduced. Subjectively, my mental clarity and my recovery from weightlifting workouts and sports is much improved. At 32, I feel none of the lingering aches and pains that many of my friends and rec league teammates discuss. I’m grateful to Dr. Shawn Baker for introducing the idea of a meat-based diet to me and so many others. This way of eating and mindset changes have fed off one another to allow me to take more control over my life. 

DEXA results, 4/26/2019

8.9% body fat

9.5 lbs. of bones (4.8%)

Leading up to scan… 6 month detailed food logging average:

2.3 lbs. ruminant meat per day

2.1 eggs per day

Cory improved his chronic joint pain and mood on a carnivore diet

I’m Cory, I was a chubby kid and by 26 I was fat and very unhappy with myself.

 I started going to the gym in hopes to “lose weight”. After lifting for awhile I got addicted to the iron and lost touch with how fat I was, because I was getting strong. At 30 years old, I juiced (vegetables) all summer and got down to my lowest weight of 172 lbs. I was weak and following a low fat diet that was completely unsustainable. When I was 36 years old, I listened to Dr. Lustigs Sugar: The Bitter Truth and heard about the ketogenic diet through the JRE podcast. Within a few months I was full blown keto and had dropped 30 lbs before I even realized it. 

For the most part I remained keto with some meat only days, up until I turned 38. I was noticing some positive changes besides fat loss that I hadn’t expected. I had previously been diagnosed with arthritis in a couple of my neck vertebrae. Before the gradual change to carnivore I had felt I was turning to stone and a quick movement of the neck could easily ruin my week. After following carnivore for a few months I was not having as much joint pain after suffering for years. I would say I’m now 95% carnivore overall, but I feel better when I’m 100%. I’ve gotten cold sores all my life and haven’t had any since going LC/ZC. I noticed my overall mood and personal interactions with people are better. My adult forehead acne went away. I prefer fasted workouts but my first meal is soon after. 

I typically eat twice a day and as much as possible. I do eat organs, dairy, some seafood, eggs, coffee but mostly beef. All my lifts are going up and the general clearheadedness makes achieving goals seem easier. 

1st test, keto 6 months (very typical keto foods)
2nd test, keto/carnivore (more animals, lots of plants still)
3rd test, 95% carnivore (last salad was 48 weeks ago)
Keto is great, but cut out the plants and things just improve on another level.


Tom improved allergies, migraines, and gained muscle on carnivore diet

I’m 67 years old, been carnivore since December 2017.  I’ve eliminated all my allergy meds (Claritin, Flonase, Azelastine), resolved chronic migraines, gained several pounds of muscle, and just generally improved my health over the past two years.  Years ago I tried a vegan diet, then migrated to vegetarian and stayed with that for decades.  I later moved to an Atkins approach, then on to Paleo, then Keto, and finally Carnivore.  Without question, this last move has given my by far the best results, physical health, and mental clarity.  I’ve been strict: beef, no dairy, occasional eggs, pork, and chicken, infrequent coffee (black).  Happy to provide more details if needed.
Thanks, Tom
ComponentYour valueStandard range
CHOLESTEROL196 mg/dL<=200 mg/dL
Optimal <200 mg/dl
Borderline High 200-239 mg/dl
High >=240 mg/dl
HDL61 mg/dL>=40 mg/dL
Optimal >=40
TRIGLYCERIDE49 mg/dL<=150 mg/dL
Optimal <200
Borderline High 150-199
High 200-499
Very High >=500
CHOLESTEROL, NON-HDL135 mg/dL<=130 mg/dL
Optimal <130
Near Optimal 130-159
Borderline High 160-189
High 190-219
Very High >=220
LDL125 mg/dL<=100 mg/dL
Optimal <100
Near Optimal 100-129
Borderline High 130-159
High 160-189
Very High >=190

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Here’s an update, subsequent to my posting at
Currently 8 1/2 months into carnivory.  I’ve dropped all my allergy and headache meds, as well as coffee and anything but meat/eggs (95% beef), salt, and water.  I also did the 12 week Carnivore Training System, which I just couldn’t have mustered before I took on this WOE (way of eating).  My lifts – squats, deadlifts, etc., are about 20% higher than my highest lifts over the last few decades.
My weight is a rock solid 166 – my high school weight – and it doesn’t seem to matter how much or how little I eat, how fatty or lean (I’m about 5’11”).  If anything, a large meal means I’ll just get hungry again later, but my body seems to know how to keep itself lean and energized as long as I get the needed nutrition from meat, and don’t dilute it with anything else.  And that 166 is more muscle than in the past.  At nearly 66, my energy has never been this consistent and reliable.  I mountain bike about 3 days a week, and get to the gym for weight resistance another 3.  Juggle 6 kids (3 at home, including my little 7 year old), and still work a full week as well.
My skin is better than it’s been for years, I no longer seem to need things like shampoo for my scalp or skin cremes to stay hydrated.  Another very noticeable difference has been resistance to sunburn.  I’ve always burned easily – 15 minutes in the summer sun would leave me beet red.  But this summer I haven’t used sunscreen, even though I bike outside.  I spent over two hours in the mid afternoon sun walking a golf course during a recent visit to Florida; zero sunscreen, and zero burn.  That’s truly amazing, and a very objective measure.  I understand (cf. Tucker Goodrich) that’s likely from the elimination of seed oils and re-apportionment of Omega 3/Omega 6…
Generally so many health markers have improved, I’m not looking back.  I had originally intended to just run out the 30 day study and get back to my keto cheesecakes and fat bombs – I even saved them in the freezer.  But the difference in energy and general well being was so significant, I was sold after 30 days.  Some friends and family have ventured into it as well.  One best described it as ‘life changing’.  I would have to agree.
Thanks, everyone, for the continuous information, linked research, and general support that’s now available and allows us to take charge of our health and continue to experiment and learn.

Nolan improved his digestion, skin, and lost 35 lbs on a carnivore diet

I’ve been carnivore for just under 2 years now. For the first 6-7 months, I was 100% strict. Since then I’ve been about 90-95% carnivore with the occasional cheat meal. 
I was overweight before going carnivore and have lost about 35 pounds since then. I’m 6’2″ and went from 225 to 190. I have way more energy and drink less coffee now. I didn’t really have any big health issues before going carnivore. It was mostly about the weight loss for me. One thing I’ve noticed though is that I never get that awful bloated/full feeling when eating carnivore. I also can go for longer times without eating while on carnivore. And one other thing I noticed is that my skin is clearer of blemishes/pimples.

Listen to Nolan’s interview on the podcast here:

Daniel improved brain fog, inflammation and chronic pain on carnivore diet

I used to eat in a way I thought was healthy. A way I’d been told I was healthy: a Mediterranean diet with added roast meat meals. Lots of green veg, lots of carbs, easy on the meat. I would need to snack all day into the evening.
Now I can eat twice a day and fast for 16 hours or longer. Ground beef and eggs for breakfast and some home made liver pate, some meat in the evening. It keeps me sustained and healthier than I’ve been in a long time.
I’ve been carnivore for 5-6 months. I switched from a high protein keto (mostly carnivore), which I’d been on for a couple of years. Before then, I would catch any infection going. Now I don’t seem to get anything (or if I do it’s too mild to notice). 
My inflammation has gone way down. The upshot of this is that I’ve gone from being in permanent pain due to an old back injury and a more recent knee injury to no pain. These areas are still more fragile than the rest of my body but now they don’t prevent me doing anything.
I had wondered if I was losing my ability to think. People call this brain fog. For me, it prevented me thinking at a high enough level to work in a highly technical field. I had lost my ability to concentrate and to take in detail. Past learning was easy to recall and use but adding new learning was hard. I feel fully present during the day now and can work harder than I did in my 20s.
I guess the biggest thing is that my girlfriend was younger than me and I felt that I was getting too old, gaining weight, fading out of life. I didn’t think we had a future. Now we are married and contemplating a family. That would never have happened.

Bobby improves prostate function, lowers PSA score on carnivore diet

I’m a male, age 83, and this is Aug. 4, 2019.   I began the carnivore diet in late 2018.

I’ve lost approximately 5 or 6  inches on my waist and, at 5’11,” reduced my weight by 40 or 50 pounds (from 230 to 180) since doing the paleo diet (started 30 months ago), followed by the low-carb-high-fat diet (started 18 months ago) followed by the carnivore diet (started 8 months ago). 

The biggest and most sustained weight losses occurred once I went carnivore. 

My biggest problem for the past decades has been prostate enlargement.  The most troubling symptoms have been pain on urination (including occasional bouts of prostatitis) and restricted urination flow.    On starting the carnivore diet, I noticed immediate and significant relief from these prostate symptoms.    No pain, no burning, free flowing urine.  

Now for the proof.  Over the last decade, my PSA levels had been on the rise, having significantly  exceeded 4.0 (above-normal reference range) since 2012.    In January 2019 and July of 2019, my PSA decreased to 3.2 and then 3.1.

In full disclosure, I took Dutasteride (Avodart) for 60 days ending this April.  I stopped because it did not help.    Avodart’s literature warns that stopping Avodart will curtail any benefit and perhaps even make symptoms worse.   I noticed no change on starting or stopping.  

My only other prescription is Synthroid for a hypo-thyroid condition that I’ve had under control for more than 50 years. 

I’ve always been active and so I bicycle in the hilly area of Reno 3 times a week, totalling about 100 miles. 

Since being on the carnivore diet, I’ve lost my taste for chicken.   Late this Spring, I removed eggs because I noticed a slight increase in prostate symptoms with egg consumption.   That leaves my diet with high fat dairy, lots of beef (mostly, but not all, grass fed) and some pork products.    


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