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Stephen lost weight and improved his arthritis on a carnivore diet

My journey began as I was looking for data on what the best method for weight/fat loss for a disabled and non-mobile psoriatic arthritis patient. I also have severe psoriasis and my skin was a nightmare.

I had been a long time martial artist with several black belts and at one time was a successful and healthy person.

Then I got really, really sick. Over the next decade and a half I gained 200lbs, lost the ability work and eventually lost the majority of use of my hands and feet due to the bone deformities that came over time.

My illness began in 2003 when I was diagnosed with a severe black mould infection that caused me to go stone deaf for 2 and a half months due to the congestion it caused in my sinuses and throat and lungs. a couple of days on IV antibiotics and the damage was done.

I had tried to follow the dietary guidelines my doctors had provided but they did nothing but make me sicker, fatter and less and less mobile.

On December 15, 2017 I weighed 401.6lbs with a BMI of about 51. I could barely move, had little use of my hands and living on a TIGHT budget with two teenage sons all while living on disability benefits.

I couldn’t walk more than 20-30 steps without collapsing from pain unless I had a cane and my hands were so weak I could not pick up a 5lb dumbbell.

I decided to follow the advice I was getting from a couple of channels but I found I was always coming back to the same sources for confirmation on what other “experts” were saying.

I also saw the Joe Rogan Experience with Dr. Shawn Baker and I knew I’d found the right thing for me.

I started keto/carnivory in January 2018 and have not looked back. I have switched back and forth from keto and carnivory but only for budget reasons. I always feel my best the greater ratio of meat I eat.

I’m now up at 4:45am daily for a 3km (2mile) walk then a quick simple session at the gym for a few sets of push, pull, lift or squat and then home to wake up my teen sons for school.

I’m a single parent too.

I’m not going to try and pretend I’ve developed into a ripped adonis. My skin started at <80% psoriatic coverage so it was a ruin to begin with. That coverage is down to under 40% now. I look more like a middle aged man wrapped in a slightly blown airbag but time will bring that under control as well.

My weight is now 212.3lbs as of December 31, 2018 and that’s after gaining 3.6lbs over Xmas. I’m aiming for a final body weight of 185lbs with a body fat of less than 15%. I figure I’ll hit that milestone eventually but no schedules just results as the body can make them.


Thank you for helping save my life.


PS: Keto/carnivory also helped me get out of a 10 year opioid prescription that was at over 100mg of dilaudid (hydromorphone contin) a day.

Now I’m opioid free.

This I can anecdotally correlate with my dietary changes as the digestive horrors and nerve regrowth caused by detox and opioid withdrawal were radically reduced by the constant monitoring of my electrolytes, digestive ease of meat and the massive reduction of inflammation. I’d tried to reduce my meds MANY times and was almost driven insane by the pain and withdrawal symptoms within mere hours.

Not so once I had switched my body from sugars and carbs to protein and fats.

Coupled with a dosage reduction to use only as much as needed to abate the worst withdrawal symptoms over time and the effect can’t be argued with me. That’s not to say it was easy but it was infinitely easier with the dietary changes.

Simply put, meat does heal.


UPDATE: As of this morning April 29, 2019 my weight is down to 179.68 lbs and I’m feeling better than I have in years. In mid-January I injured myself and suffered a pretty horrible abdominal tear and herniation. I had surgery. I now have a rather large titanium mesh implant and in the process discovered a previous herniation I hadn’t known was there but was causing some issues. These are no longer an issue and I have been progressing at a steady pace. 

I’ve been shifting my intake across the spectrum of animal products to try and optimize my own health and keep coming back to beef, pork, salmon and eggs as my “GO TO” base. My sons have also followed along. Since the surgery on March 10, 2019 I’ve increased my daily activity to a level I haven’t been capable of since my 30s.I’m also consuming between 2900-3600 Kcal/day and am seeing steady changes in my body composition as I build muscle and lose fat.

I’m not only working out 2-4 times a week with kettlebells, resistance bands and calisthenics but go to a gym for my heavier full body workouts and have increased my “road time” walking to as much as 8 miles in a day. Most days I average 4-6 miles from what started as fighting to make it 10 minutes at a time way back when I started all this (I thank/blame Stan Efferding). If not for a really damaged foot I would be (actually am but…) running these distances instead of walking but limits are there to be surpassed. 

I now get up at 4:00am and haven’y used an alarm in almost a year now. I do 15-20  minutes of yoga, get dressed for the weather and hit the road for a 3-6 km walk depending on whether or not I go to the gym, grab a coffee or hit the gym and then back home so I can get my teen sons up for school at 6:30 am. After they’re off I do all the usual daily routines and after getting a full meal cooked and cleaned up I go for another walk of a few km and spend 30-45 minutes after that doing basic flexibility stretches and physiotherapy exercises for the parts of me that are still kinda broken.

The degree of recovery my body has experienced has dumbfounded my doctors. I have been able to achieve well and far beyond what they had said I would ever be capable of and they now listen when tell them how I’m doing it. A nurse who spoke to me after my surgery is now going carnivore from paleo and she’s having great results too. It work and as people hear and see the truth in US they will be able to disregard the propagandist nonsense saturating the media these days. As carnivores we are N=Many.

Thanks again for the opportunity to share my story and for being a source of knowledge that has LITERALLY saved my life and restored a sick, depressed, disabled, addicted and morbidly obese horror show back to a healthy living, clean, active dad. 



In the included pictures are two current and one of my in November 2017 for my 51st birthday and a look at just how massive I’d become in December of 2017 at 401.6 lbs.  There is no comparison.

Jenni lost weight and improved eczema on a carnivore diet

Jennifer S.
“Your health is great, but you’re still considered obese. But if you keep doing what you’re doing, the weight will come off in no time.” The doctor told me this when I went for my annual physical after a year of having a physical trainer at a 24-hour gym, 45 minutes of cardio daily, and eating a diet of whole grains, chicken, fish, fruits, and tons of vegetables and margarine, and yet still weighing 185 lbs. For as long as I can remember, I have always been heavy and depressed. I managed to lose a good bit of weight when I was an endurance runner (averaged 40 miles a week), but I never got below 160 lbs. A knee injury landed me on the couch and stern warnings to not do anything more strenuous than walking. Running had been a big stress reliever in my life, so without it, I lost motivation to stay healthy and proceeded to gain all the weight back plus more. At my heaviest of 225 lbs, my 5’4″ frame was slowly breaking down. My breaking point was at a doctor’s visit where the nurse warned me that my heavy weight and history of diabetes and heart disease was a recipe for a heart attack before I was 30 years old.
I can only describe the first three years of my weight loss journey as a cycle. I would become harmfully critical of my body and sink more into depression, my panic would motivate me to build a detailed work out and eating plan, I would stick to it rigorously for a while, beat myself up when I failed, lose motivation to become healthy, make excuses for why I couldn’t lose weight, then start all over again. I honestly believed that it was impossible for me to lose weight without torturing myself with starvation and grueling workouts. I knew part of my issues were genetic on top of my sugar binges. My family on both sides have a history of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, muscular degeneration, hormone imbalance, PCOS, digestive problems, and chronic inflammation that resulted in a lot of my family members struggling with obesity.
After four years, I had come to accept my 40 extra pounds, and I simply did my best to stay physically fit and manage my mood disorder. My experience with anti-depressants actually worsened my symptoms, and the only stress relief I could find was walking for miles at a time. Sometimes, I would walk until my knees would begin to lock and blisters would sprout on my feet. On the days when my “bad” knee would be too inflammed to exercise, I would comfort eat. I hated myself every time I gave into the binges, but it really was the only time I felt totally relaxed and enjoying the moment.
I’m forever thankful for my beloved husband, who is actually the one who found the carnivore diet. He sent me a link to a Joe Rogan podcast featuring Mikhaila Peterson. I was stunned and found myself rewinding and rewatching bits of the interview, because I couldn’t believe there was someone out there with problems similar to mine and overcame ALL of them.
I researched for days everything I could about carnivorism. I watched Joe Rogan, listened more podcasts, watched more interviews, read blogs and testimonials, found Meat Heals, and found so many supporters like the Peterson family, Shawn Baker, the Andersons, Georgia Ede, Amber O’Hearn, Kelly Hogan, Dr Ken Barry, Paul Saladino, and so many others who were speaking out about the physical and mental benefits. So, one month before our wedding day, my husband and I decided we would try the Carnivore Diet together for 30 days to see what would happen. We ended up having to buy our clothes for the wedding the week before, because we both had lost over 20 lbs in less than a month. The day before the wedding, my mother, bless her, was still making adjustments because my dress was too loose. I went from a size 18 to a size 10. On my wedding day, I was joyous for three reasons: for marrying the love of my life, not having any symptoms of depression, and being the smallest I had been since early in high school.
On our honeymoon, we pigged out on sandwiches, fast food, and leftover wedding snacks. The weight began to creep back on, but I was far more concerned about my depression and anxiety coming back with a vengeance. I tried returning to a keto diet off and on, because I wasn’t quite ready to give up foods all together. Plus, people don’t realize how intense sugar cravings can become when you’re used to binge eating your sadness away. After trying and failing keto, low carb paleo, and whole foods, I gave up and decided to go full carnivore. After another month of only steak and eggs, my depression and anxiety lifted, I lost more weight, and even my chronic skin rashes and joint pain went away. I decided that if I truly was meant to only eat this way, then I could have at least one more big binge before I said goodbye to all my favorite foods. That was on a Friday. On Monday, I was hit with the worst bought of depression I had ever felt. I had multiple panic attacks, intrusive thoughts until I wanted to scratch my brains out, fatigue like you wouldn’t believe, stomach cramps, gas, and even a spell of hypochondria and obsessive cleaning that I never experienced before.
That was the last time I ever ate “normal” food on April 5th, 2019. Since then, I have eaten exclusively animal products. It’s been a tough ride, but the fear of repeating that depressive bought has kept me from cheating. As my body began to heal, I was surprised when my body started rejected some other foods like cheese, dairy, eggs, chicken, and seasonings. It wasn’t that I severely reacted, but my mood was eons better with each thing that I eliminated. I did have an angry tantrum when I discovered the salt I had been using contained dextrose. Who puts corn sugar in salt!?!? Since eliminating that Morton’s brand iodized salt, my mood has improved even more. Today marks my 6-month anniversary of being carnivore, and two weeks of being only beef and (sugar-free) salt.
To say that I’m happier wouldn’t be enough to described my new perspective in life. I’m a better wife, a stronger person, a more joyful woman, physically fit person, and I even run when the mood hits me without any joint pain. I want to jump around and play with my niece and nephews, jog with our dog, and even started playing silly little pranks on my husband, something I would have been too terrified and shy to do two years ago. The carnivore diet hasn’t healed me, it’s made me the person I am supposed to be. These really are the best days of my life, and I look forward to how else my life is just going to get better.
Carnivore diet has healed my…
* Obesity (225 lbs to 148 lbs)
* Stubborn body fat
* Yo yo weight loss
* Knee pain
* Back pain
* Panic disorder
* Bloating
* Distended belly fat
* Sleep quality
* Abscesses
* Mouth sores
* Social anxiety
* Skin tags
* Feeling of doom and despair
* Lack of motivation
* Handle criticism better
* Acne
* Chronic vaginal infections
* Energy levels
* Binge compulsions
* Eczema
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Intrusive thoughts
* Vertigo
* Period cramps
* Irregular periods
Reactions when off carnivore…
* Hallucinations
* Intrusive thoughts
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Sense of doom
* Rushing heart beat
* Stomach cramps
* Eczema and itching
* Acne
* Vague joint pain in knees and back
* Headaches and neck pain

Sabine improved her mental and reproductive health on a carnivore diet

Sabine has overcome a lifetime of allergies, eczema, and more, by going carnivore!

I was born on March 21, 1973, in Germany. Based on my parents’ accounts of my early years, I had skin issues, constant bloating and digestive problems, constipation in particular, pretty much from the start. By the age of four, I was diagnosed with severe seasonal allergies. From then on, antihistamines, wearing gloves to stop me from scratching, having my arms wrapped up in bandages because my continued scratching led to infections, and not being able to go outside to play during the spring became the new normal. I fell asleep in school because the daily dose of antihistamines knocked me out. Topical steroids in mega strength became the go-to methods of dealing with my constantly itching skin. In high school I was made fun of because my neck looked like that of an old woman.

When I was in my early 20s, I saw an alternative practitioner who told me to avoid wheat and dairy. So I went on my first elimination diet, which did not do anything but aggravate my symptoms. Lacking information and consequently not being strict enough, I was frustrated with this approach and considered her a charlatan. In retrospect, she was the first person who actually had hit the nail on the head with her diagnosis. A dermatologist scoffed at this alternative “crap”, recommended to eat whatever I wanted, and to apply more cortisone to help with the inflammation and itching. I would follow his advice for many years, almost ruining my skin in the process.

I do not recall when I first knew that I was experiencing every month is premenstrual syndrome. For a while, I just assumed it is normal to turn into this vicious hulk without any control over my temper. Breast pain, forgetfulness and mind fog, pimple outbreaks, worsened eczema, water retention, constipation, sugar cravings from hell, and mood swings comprised the collection of my symptoms. Pretty much ten days of each of my cycles were spent like this, every single month, for more than 30 years. Another hint at a serious hormone imbalance was the way I used to store body fat. I have always been lean, but whatever fat I had I predominantly stored around my hips, butt, and thighs. I could train as hard as I wanted – I was an avid step aerobics and dance aerobics instructor – and it would not shift my body composition.

In 2006, I moved from Germany to Los Angeles for my postdoctoral studies, met my husband, and stayed here. I still shudder when I think about all the crap I used to eat after I got here: cookies, fast food, soda; free food was always available on campus and it still is. Over the years, I had times where I paid a bit more attention to my eating habits, but mostly, I just did what everybody else did, until the fall of 2013. Around that time a friend of mine told me about LCHF and her success with it, which led me to start the classic journey from the standard American diet via low carb and keto to eventually zero carb. Over the course of this almost 5-year dietary experiment, I cut out the usual suspects like flour, grains, sugar, and in conjunction seed oils. I of course baked all sorts of low carb bread, cookies, cakes, and other sweet goods and used dairy, coconut oil and low carb sweeteners in abundance.

Over time, I had been able to weed out serious offenders, while still clinging to almond and coconut flour, sweeteners, and dairy. After reading that dairy could be a culprit for chronic coughs, runny nose, and weepy eyes, I performed a dairy elimination experiment. After an entire month of dairy abstinence, I started coughing immediately upon reintroduction. My runny nose and weepy eyes returned as well, putting the nail in the coffin for diary. The following year, I experienced my first spring without seasonal allergies!

With dairy gone and my base line much lower, it was easier to track my skin condition and bloating. Over the course of another 1.5 years, I learned that sweeteners, coconut flour or any kind of coconut products, and almond flour either bloated me or made my skin itch like hell. I also learned that PMS causes eczema flares, especially around my eyes. The next natural step was to eat meat and veggies. At this point, I suspected as much but still did not want to face the fact that all the yummy low carb veggies I liked hated my guts, literally.

When I came across Shawn’s tweets about eating only meat I was at the same time intrigued and disturbed, but mostly intrigued. Following him on Twitter was probably the best thing I could do. Not only was he documenting his progress, but other people who tried it out chimed in with their successes and improvements. Rationally, it all made sense to me. Taking the leap and trying it for myself took until the first 90-day carnivore challenge with Nequalsmany. I knew I did not want to compromise my data collection, so the challenge was a good incentive to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Coincidentally, my period started on Aug 15, 2017, the first day of the challenge. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to observe how my PMS issues would behave. I was blown away with the almost complete lack of any symptoms during the first cycle. Barely noticeable breast tenderness and some eczema around my eyes were the remainder of my symptoms. My hope for reproducibility was not disappointed. Now, six months into zero carb, I have zero PMS. Zero! In addition, I can observe my body composition changing; my thighs are getting more defined, my quads getting visible, and my hips and bum are getting slimmer. I hypothesize that my hormone imbalance has been resolved.

Bloating after eating is a thing of the past, as is chronic constipation. I seem to be more resilient toward colds. In the past, I used to catch everything that was going around. I am observing no sunburns (in SoCal) and easy and quick tanning, just like when I was a kid. My mood has been even keel; zero carb serenity is truly a thing and keeps the hulk in check. I get less or not sore at all after workouts. My training is more intense. I have explosive speed for kickboxing despite the lack of carbs. My eyesight has been improving recently. I had to start using my previous pair of glasses (-3/-3) because my most current one had become too strong (-3.5/-3.25).

The most recent success is the remission of eczema. As of today, I have no visible signs anymore after 44 years of constant itchiness and severe discomfort. Even my scarred neck is healing, something I had thought not possible (see attached picture, no make-up, no photoshop, no moisturizers). It took about six months to get to this point, with sometimes going one step forward, two steps back. This feels new and fragile. I am fully aware that any kind of missteps, may it be food (chicken is a suspect) or the fabric of new clothes, can trigger a flare; however, I now have the opportunity to really figure out all my triggers and to fight habitual scratching.

Sabine’s 44 years of suffering with eczema… gone!

Thinking back how I had, unknowingly, mistreated my body over the years, I realize a couple of things that might be of help for others who are at the cusp of starting their journey. First off, I wish I had taken the alternative practitioner seriously. I was out for instant gratification, but that is not how resolving decades of health issues works unfortunately, in most cases anyway. Secondly, the human body is an amazing machine that can withstand a lot of dietary abuse, for a while at least. It has incredible repair capabilities if one lets it and gives it time to do what is has been evolved to do with the right nourishment. I am looking forward to discovering what other health benefits this way of eating will bring.

Chris improves digestion, fitness, mood, mental health on carnivore diet

Chris works as a butcher

I’m healthy, happy, lean, and strong, but that wasn’t always the case! This is my story on why I’m a carnivore, and the amazing benefits this way of life has given me and could give you, too.

I was a C-section baby to very young parents. Mom was 21, and my dad was only 17. They didn’t know much about nutrition or how to be healthy, but they tried. I was formula fed, and given low fat yogurt and grains by 6 months. I was a sickly baby and child. As an infant, I would never sleep through the night, projectile vomit multiple times a day and was colicky. I had many ear infections and antibiotics through my childhood, as well. At the age of 2, I was diagnosed with Asthma and Allergies. From that point on I was on daily rescue inhalers, prednisone, respiratory machine, and steroid puffers. I was also admitted into the ICU multiple times a year.

By the age of 4 I started vomiting in my sleep and having bowel pain. It turned out that I had to have abdominal surgery to fix a hernia, that my bowels were starting to pass through. (Not sure if that was diet related) so they patched up my hernia, and that healed well, but I continued to have random bowel pain, that would leave me incapacitated for hours. This plus my asthma, and constant colds or ear infections left my parents at a loss.

For a few years we just got by, until one day, I had a little brother come along. Luckily he was much healthier than me. Soon after that my parents split and my mother had 2 young boys and little income.

She was trying her best on a budget, as she couldn’t work because I was to sick. She turned to the food pyramid and made sure that we got lots of grains, breads and pasta, and some frozen veggies, bananas, low fat yogurts,and the little red meat we did have was lean.

At this point, my health started declining again, and I wound up in the ICU even more. 6-10 times a year, for up to 2 weeks at a time. This is when my family doctor told my mother that I was the worst case he’s ever dealt with and informed her that I was going to need to be put on the transplant list for lungs and heart, if my asthma persisted. This was the same year I was put on life support over the Christmas break. I was so sick at this point, 8 years old, that I excepted I was sick, and I made piece with the the fact that I was about to leave this life. 3 times, I can still remember that year, leading up to this, I would think that there was nothing we could do and I was working my way to coming to terms with death.

At this point, my parents decided to move me to my fathers where the climate was much drier, and I moved from the east coast of Canada to the plains of Alberta!

The climate there was much drier and it did help with my breathing. I was still taking all of the same meds, but managed to stay out of the hospital for a few years. I felt a lot better, but still had breathing and bowel problems. I also gained a lot of weight from all of the medications I was on. At this point I  started taking allergy shots. Getting them weekly for a couple of years. I don’t think they worked, but at least we were trying something new. This continued until my teenage years.

Once those awkward, interesting, and fun teenage years started, new problems arose. I started having migraines, muscle cramps, anxiety and anger issues. My bowels and asthma were still constant, too. By the time I was 17, I began having GERD, stomach pain, and loose stools. Standing at 5’9″, I weighed only 109lbs. I was diagnosed with IBS and an Ulcer and I was put on drugs, low fat, limited diet, and was sent to a shrink for my anxiety and anger.

For years I followed this new limited diet, and continued with my asthma regiment. This kept things tolerable, and livable for years. But I realized that non of this was right, and I must be doing something wrong. So I started reading as much as I could on diet and health… let the research begin!!!

For the next few years I studied everything I could on diet, exercise and health. I would make tweaks here and there and started doing some cardio and calisthenics. This helped a bit, but I still didn’t feel right. I was still feeling pain and having breathing problems.

By my early 20’s I found body building, and adopted that way of eating and training. One thing I quickly noticed about this way of life was the amount of time spent in the gym, the large amount of food prep and the crazy amount of small meals to eat (6 a day!).

I soon found I was having energy problems and getting colds every other week! I was also getting flabbier. But I continued, because it’s what we are told is healthy.

Gladly a year or so later, I found the paleo and ketogenic diets. I did my research and moved to a paleo way of eating and a more paleo style lifting regime. I continued this for years, while experimenting with keto, low carb paleo, and at one point vegetarianism (bad idea).

While doing all of this, most of my bowel and migraine issues went away. My asthma was still there, and so was my energy issues and random bouts of anxiety. I was also gaining weight for some reason.

This continued for years.

In my early 30’s I decided to buckle down and do strict ketogenic eating with intermittent fasting and a healthy carb up once or twice a week (CKD). This helped even more, and I got down to a healthy weight, with decent muscle mass. It’s funny though, I looked good, but I wasn’t that strong. During this keto phase I felt better, but still not great. I remember almost every day on my walks home, thinking about asthma and wondering why I was still using my inhalers so much… I was also wondering why my bowels would hurt and why I would have bathroom problems after my carb ups? I also noticed that I had toenail fungus in a both of my big toes!

Around this time, I found Vince Gironda workouts and his steak and eggs diet. It instantly made sense to me and I dove in to the meat and dairy research! I read anything I could on this subject for about a year, until I found Zero Carb Zen, then Principia Carnivora and Zeroing In On Health. Read all of the testimonies and talked to a few people online, then decided to jump in cold turkey.

I was a rough 2-3 months of adaption, I felt horrible, but pushed through. The first year or so was a little rough for me as my body adapted, and healed. I also had to figure out how much food I needed and when to eat it. Once I worked all of that out, it’s been amazing!!  My bowels no longer have any issues, as long as I stick mostly to beef and avoid teas and coffee. No more headaches, my energy is good, my anger has subsided, and I haven’t taken my asthma meds in 2 years! I stopped my puffers the week I started eating just fatty meat!!!!

It’s amazing what can happen when you figure out the proper human diet! I am now stronger, I’m a butcher and can carry around 100+ sides of pork, and lift/carry side of beef at 220+lbs, and I weigh 140lbs. I can run, keep up with my 3 beautiful children, workout 2-3 times a week and walk 5km to and from work daily, in all weather, while maintaining 8-10% body fat, eating 3+ lbs of fatty beef a day! I’m not supposed to be alive today, and since going strict carnivore, I now use no medications, my lungs function at 92% of a healthy adult male, have the energy I need and the body I want with little to no effort.

Daniel improved digestion, mental health, joint, back pain on carnivore diet

My name is Daniel and I am forty years old from Australia, 183cm (6ft) and 75kg (165 pounds). I have held off writing this story, despite following the carnivore community for some time, as it has taken this long to heal from quite a few ailments, most notably my joint pain and depression. (No photos as most of my issues are internal.)

My mother told me that from a very early age I had an allergy to cow’s milk (I was fed soy “milk” as a child) and a nearly fatal fall (fractured skull and broken collar bone) from a ledge at the age of 2. I can recall always having sore throats and hay fever as a boy. Also looking back now, I believe I experienced some anxiety and depression too. Antibiotics were a regular thing and I eventually had my tonsils removed at the age of nine.

My journey to this carnivore way of eating began nearly 2 years ago when I started to seriously investigate how diet can affect one’s health (particularly autoimmune problems) which I previously just thought were the “bad genetic cards” I was dealt. For example, I thought that I had genetically inherited my father’s bad back and my mother’s hay fever and that was how it was going to be for life and the only way to treat these was with over the counter medications or other alternative therapies.

I have long been a supporter and consumer of alternative therapies for health like chiropractic, acupuncture and energy frequency therapy, having tried to stay away from visiting the GP unless necessary.

 I have always preferred fresh foods for cooking instead of processed garbage and the health education I received was the classic “SAD/Western” diet as based on the food pyramid, i.e. saturated fat is bad, wholegrains are good, “2 fruit and 5 veg daily”  and meat in moderation. I have loosely followed the “eat a rainbow” style together with high carbs and some meat with every meal. In a sense I knew that diet played a part in health and I had an awareness of additives and processed food, but like many younger folks I took it for granted that I would always be healthy because I never got fat. I would daily consume a pint of chocolate milk or iced coffee and lots of toasted sandwiches, pastries and cakes. I still thought that I had reasonably good health as my weight has never been an issue and have been blessed with an incredible metabolism. 

However, inside I was broken from:

  • Regular colds, sore throats, congestion
  • Tonsilitis as a child (tonsils removed when I was 9)
  • Chronic hayfever 
  • Bad snorer and mouth breather
  • Frequent mouth ulcers, cold sores near lips
  • Mouth corner sores (angular chelitis)
  • Bowel problems (irregular and constipated frequently)
  • Bloating
  • Haemorroids
  • Bleeding gums/gingivitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Poor dental health on left upper side, failed root canal, ongoing infections (related to sinusitis)
  • Jaw pain on left side, clicking jaw (TMJ)
  • Brain fog and poor concentration 
  • Mild depression as a child worsening to severe in recent times
  • Anxiety from a young age
  • Poor sleep in recent times
  • Back/neck pain, sciatica, inflammation and chronic groin pain
  • Worsening joint pain in hands, elbows, knees and shoulders
  • Gout in toe
  • General aching on left side and in chest
  • Skin tags and bad skin breakouts on back
  • Always getting a sunburnt face
  • Minor heartburn
  • Raynaud’s in my hands

My health took a turn for the worse about five years ago when joint pain was affecting my ability to work (labouring) and my mental health nose-dived, culminating in a mental breakdown followed by a psychotic episode and a six month period in and out of a mental ward about four years ago. I was heavily medicated on anti-psychotics and antidepressants like Olanzapine. At this time, I became increasingly disenfranchised with the medical system, since I had four children who were always sick, and they were always going to doctor’s appointments for one ailment or another and being constantly prescribed antibiotics or some special cream. I managed to get myself of the antidepressants through some alternative healing and improved diet with more nourishing home made meals, however still had depression.

Cycle ahead to about 2 years ago and after watching quite a few Netflix documentaries from the plant-based vegan propaganda videos like “What The Health?”  And then “The Magic Pill” and other Youtube video series like “Autoimmune Secrets”, like many folks in the carnivore community I saw the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr Jordan Peterson on Youtube and was blown away. I believed Dr Peterson to be a credible source of information but could not reconcile that the meat only diet was a thing. From there I followed Mikhaila Peterson and then Dr Baker and many others and kept doing the research.

I began to slowly make some changes to my diet, cutting out gluten, reducing sugar and dairy but still hung onto my “rainbow salads” and then went down the whole gluten-free alternative rabbit hole of eating. I then heard about all the processed seed oils contained in these gluten-free foods and it dawned on me that take away/restaurant foods also could not be trusted.  I never really entertained the idea of giving up meat, but there were certainly some vegans I had contact with who were trying their best to persuade me to do so. Some improvements occurred from these changes, but joint pain and mental health was still an issue. My meat consumption increased, higher fat intake but I also dabbled with some vegan foods at this time like hemp protein and quinoa. I had a wholefoods market nearby with organic produce. This was a very expensive exercise in the beginning, having nearly fallen for the “health food” industry marketing, but as time went on, I started to have more meat, bone broth, bacon, eggs and moved to an animal based keto diet.

My digestion began to improve and with it a whole range of ailments and autoimmune issues went away like hay fever, mouth ulcers and gout. Anxiety, back pain and sciatica began to reduce which I have had for as long as I can remember. I found myself not being hungry for 12-15 hours and saw improvements in my dental health and skin. I continued to spend hundreds of hours watching videos, listening to podcasts like HPO and digesting all the old books/articles linked to and was absolutely convinced. As to the mechanics of why this works, I believe it is about giving your body what it needs, eliminating what it doesn’t need and then the immune system rebounds and the body heals like it is designed to. 

I feel that the joint pain in my hands, groin pain and mental health has taken considerable time to heal, as well as having quality sleep again, but I am extremely grateful to have taken control of my health with 90 % meat and some other very basic lifestyle factors. Every single ailment listed above has seen some improvement or remission of symptoms.  I love that it has changed my outlook on life, a sense of calmness and really given me a new appreciation for ancestral traditions as well. I am Above all, a new relationship with food that is more about fuel and nourishment as opposed to entertainment. It seems that my mood is much better on beef and when I stray from this my allergies and sinus issues always seem to come back.

My energy levels have not been as consistent as I would have liked and through recent discussions with personal trainers, I simply have not been eating enough to meet the physical demands of my job and training. I have addressed the food quantity and I have also increased electrolyte intake and I am feeling better for that as well. 

The next step for me is to try meat, water and salt only, to iron out some occasional small joint pain issues and Raynaud’s in my hands is still an issue on some cold days. I am very passionate about this movement and am seriously considering a health coaching career in the future to give back and share this simple and effective healing protocol.

Many thanks to Dr Baker and all the carnivore community for making a massive difference in my life and giving me the opportunity to tell my story.

Yours sincerely,


Elsie improved multiple sclerosis, and digestion on a carnivore diet

This WOE works! (female, 61 yrs.) Paleo 3/4 yrs, was good but now plant free with Carni+Eggs f

ALL symptoms improved or gone: neuro (MS)100% remission, sinusitis of 30 yrs: gone, GI healed(fiber-free), old injuries/pain improved.

Body improvement: 17 BMI, lean w/16% BF w/muscles, youthful : smooth, wrinkle free skin, clear eyes & vision, sharper brain, better nails, teeth, + 100% more (positive) energy & stamina. MEAT HEALS!


Thanks, Dr S Baker, Dr Ted Neiman, L.Amber O’Hearn, Esmée La Fleur and all advocates!

Carly got scurvy from eating fruit and healed it on a carnivore diet

Hello, I have a younger point of view than most I know and I hope it is useful. My name is Carly, and I am a tenth grader in America.

Lets start with my early life. I was born to a long line of diabetics, those with chronic diseases, and obesity. My mother was a diabetic at age sixteen. I was born ill, with one kidney and one-half of the other. I got a liver disease in my toddler stage, had colic from a young age, and nearly died on multiple occasions from my own illnesses. Age six and I gain extreme amounts of weight, I get depressed, and overall I lose my childish nature. I had a gigantic amount of mental and physical problems for almost my whole life, and it kept getting worse. In 2016 my mother died and it ruined my A average, thankfully it was just a bout of fatigue and regret. 
Past that, lets get into the thing that made me start dieting. I got scurvy in 2016 eating fruit. Yes, I ate fruit and got scurvy. That was from me also eating pounds of glucose daily. Now, a disclaimer: I never stuck to a diet for more than a week because of a severe Candida infection which just now is going away, so I have a renewed resolve to stick to this lifestyle. I cleared up my scurvy with lemonade, turned Paleo. I went from 160lbs at 5ft to 150lbs. I added tomatoes and potatoes which made me gain another five pounds. I decided to go low-lectin and I felt the best there. I only ate meat, leafy greens, and citrus. I got down to 120lbs in a week. I of course, had to screw it up and go Keto which led to Pescetarianism. I dropped to 106lbs in June of 2017. I was anorexic, dying, and felt horrible. My kidneys were failing from oxalates. I’d die from renal failure as did my mother. I missed 9/10 days of school(somehow passed). In July, one whole exact year from this diet exploration, I go carnivore. I have always loved wolves, even tried going carnivore once before but was told no(good idea because I was going to do it with just the meat my mother made). As soon as I did my energy skyrocketed, my depression fled, and I gained weight back. My kidneys were back to normal. I fell off a lot, and I blamed myself for being weak. It was not weakness, it was the Candida driving me to binge and purge on sugar every week. I now weigh 134lbs at 5′.5″. 
 I detailed every resource and looked up so much on diet, I read every source I could. I knew in January of 2017 you could live off just meat, but I thought you needed all the organs. In July I found people who lived healthily off just ground beef. I was ecstatic, dear gods, I was so happy. Now I eat at four-six at night and ten at night. Two meals, usually raw or quickly seared conventional 73/27 ground beef with pastured eggs, seared conventional beef heart, boiled wild fish, and raw conventional beef liver. I do drink milk every so often, but dairy is causing problems now so I’ll drop it.
Of course. Since starting in 2017 I gained and maintain an above average lean mass of 105lbs, my face looks more defined and stronger, I have no more acne, my hair is thicker and grows fast, and my nails are more solid and harder. Of course digestive issues are also gone as well. My food choices have actually changed to pork, cheese, and milk starting a year ago. It changed none of my benefits though. 


Pyroxidine improved skin, IBS, and anxiety on a carnivore diet

This is the story of how I treated my severe acne with the carnivore diet, and incidentally discovered a range of additional health benefits. By sharing my experience, I hope to inspire others to take the carnivore approach – both to spare themselves the unpleasantness of this condition and the cocktails of pharmaceutical drugs involved in the mainstream medical treatment.
For some background, I am a 27 year old male of BMI approximately 23. I had no other significant medical conditions except several bouts of non-medicated mild depression and what I would describe as mild, occasional irritable bowel syndrome.
Enjoying clear skin throughout my teenage years, I started developing acne around age 19. For approximately 1-2 years my pimples were merely an inconvenience. However, they persisted and I attended my local family doctor and commenced the standard medical treatment course. First line was topical benzyl peroxide and erythromycin antibiotic. These are creams and lotions that you apply directly to the inflamed skin. The antibiotic cream hopes to kill the bacteria that causes pimples (P. acnes). Benzyl peroxide is an industrial chemical is supposed to reduce the oiliness of the skin and reduce bacteria growth. When these didn’t work, the doctor prescribed oral antibiotics (doxycycline then minocycline). These are potent drugs with a range of side effects including increased skin sensitivity to sun, and are also used to kill a wide range of exotic bacteria causing infectious diseases.
After seeing no improvement on this therapy, a dermatologist prescribed me isotretinoin. For those not aware, isotretinoin is an adjunctive chemotherapy agent used in severe, refectory acne. It causes birth defects in pregnant women. For those who can tolerate side effects of dry skin, dry lips, and liver dysfunction it provides an effective cure. For me, it triggered a period of emotional instability and depression that was intolerable, as such I ceased my treatment course early after 6 months. Depression is a not uncommonly reported side effect of isotretnioin therapy that is often dismissed or denied by dermatologists and mainstream practitioners.
Throughout this period, none of the 3 or 4 medical practitioners recommended any form of dietary or non-pharmacological therapy. The entire approach was focused on reducing the visible problem of acne with no regard to the root cause of the problem.
I had suspected that my acne was somewhat dietary related. I made several halfhearted attempts to correlate various foods with the severity of my acne, but never performed any radical or systematic elimination of diet. My diet was never unhealthy by the conventional sense – I had always tried to eat a wide range of foods including fruits and vegetables, and rarely ate processed food or high sugar foods. Over the course of 3-4 years I cut out dairy from my diet and maybe 6 months later I completely cut out sugar. This was the extent of my dietary approach to treating my acne, until in 2017 when a shift to quasi-vegetarianism would force me into a different course of action.
In 2017 I listened to the mainstream dietary propaganda and adopted an (almost) vegetarian diet that I believed was healthier for me and better for the planet. My ‘before’ diet was typical of large amounts of grains (wholegrain breads/toasts, pastas, rice, quinoa), beans/legumes (chick peas, kidney beans, lentils both canned and re-hydrated), fresh fruits (berries, bananas, apples), vegetables (kale, spinach, sweet potato, potato, carrots, celery), plant protein (tofu), animal protein (low-fat lean meat). Olive oil and avocados were the chief source of dietary fat.
All the food was organic wherever possible. I was doing everything right, according to mainstream narrative. Describing my diet in social settings received affirmations of approval and admiration. What was the effect of this diet on health? Rather than making me feel healthier, it had the opposite effect, and was particularly provocative for my acne. Here are some of the notable health effects of the quasi-vegetarian diet:
Acne. The acne that had re-emerged since I ceased isotretinoin progressively worsened. Although it did not become cystic acne (the worse type, and most scarring), it was persistent. Manual pore cleaning with a beauty therapist provided temporary relief from symptoms by physically clearing the pores and removing bacteria. However, within several weeks my skin would erupt again, red and inflamed.
Tiredness. Waking up was a chore. I found myself constantly snoozing the alarm clock. Feeling run-down and tired, despite not changing any other factors that usually account for feelings of tiredness (caffeine intake, exercise, etc.) I would often fall asleep during the day, especially after eating a big breakfast or lunch heavy in the wholegrain bread or pasta I was eating.
Flatulence. I was constantly passing wind and in an almost constant state of gastrointestinal discomfort. Mostly this consisted of cramping abdominal pain. Despite this, my bowel actions were regular and daily. I guess I was getting enough ‘fiber’ that we are supposed to need.
Sterility (speculation) and low libido. I noticed the macroscopic consistency of my semen changed on the (mostly) vegetarian diet. It no longer had a thick, white, stringy consistency, instead was predominantly clear seminal fluid. I understand this suggests low sperm count. I was never able to definitely verify this through formal sperm count, however, low sperm count is a widely known and acknowledged outcome of vegan diets and soy consumption, so I suspect this is what was occurring. My libido also suffered under this diet.
Mood. I found myself having anxious moments, and becoming worried or concerned at small issues. Put another way, I felt like my psychological reserve with which which to absorb the trials of the world was small, and little things could push me off my center.
Nothing really clicked as abnormal – like most people, I failed to make the link between diet and my subjective feelings of health. After 18 months of severe acne, and unwilling to return to pharmacological treatments, I decided to radically experiment with diet. A big influence on my decision was the story of Mikhaila Peterson, who achieved remission of here severe auto-immune Arthritis symptoms on an exclusively animal products diet. Reasoning from first principles, if people with systemic autoimmune conditions could find relief, it is possible that acne (also an inflammatory condition) would also be amenable to the same approach.
Already avoiding dairy, I decided to cut all carbohydrates out of my diet. This was a 6 month transition period where I ceased eating pasta, bread, and other carbs as well as fruits, potatoes, etc. This lower carbohydrate diet eventually become carnivore. The final incarnation of the diet the diet was steak, eggs, (with the occasional avocado) and beef tallow.
As I progressively cut out plant material from my diet, my skin progressively improved. Fewer pimples would appear, and the existing pimples healed. The skin gradually became less inflamed and red. I had not changed my skin cleaning regime, nor was I taking any pharmaceutical medication. Occasionally I would test the causal link between non-animal foods and acne by eating some pasta or pizza. This experiment would reliably be followed by a breakout. I even stopped attending the beautician therapist for pore cleaning because it was no longer necessary. The carnivore diet helped me achieve my goal of having clear skin and be acne free.
What I hadn’t anticipated was the improvement in subjective wellbeing, and general feeling of vitality that accompanied my strict dietary elimination. My sleep improved to the extent that I required less sleep (6-7 hours) and would not wake up tired. My need for caffeination completely evaporated. Brain fog disappeared, I no longer fell asleep during the day and my productivity improved as well.
The bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence that had accompanied me roughly since the age of 19 when my acne started, which worsened significantly on the plant-based omnivore diet, now disappeared. I suspect this IBS like symptoms were completely related to eating plant material to which I was intolerant.
My mood improved to a consistent 8-9/10. I felt calmer, was more patient and accepting of life and things that happened. My energy level increased significantly. Physical recovery after exercise was improved. I no longer got minor or niggling soft tissue injuries nor aches that normally occur after a long gym session. My ejaculate returned to a thick, white stringy consistence and my libido returned. Body odour almost completely disappeared. Susceptibility to viral infections and colds disappeared.
I have been exclusively carnivore for the past 9 months, and have never felt better. Here are some of my thoughts on the diet and acne:
Dietary elimination to low carb and then carnivore should be first-line for any young people experiencing severe acne. Especially before taking systemic antibiotics and isotretinoin, which are not pleasant and can potentially harmful side effects. In this way, you are addressing the underlying causative process, rather than the downstream steps of the disease process.
I suspect that for some people, insulin levels spike from carbs and high-sugar foods are directly linked to acne breakouts. Reducing the insulin level with a low carbohydrate diet is one possible mechanism by which the carnivore diet has its effect.
It is possible that you will be able to re-introduce certain foods after a the passage of enough time such that insulin spike does not provoke acne. At this point, people might become low-carb or Keto from a stricter carnivore.
Pairing the carnivore diet with manual pore cleaning and de-congestion from a competent beauty therapist is the quickest way to achieve cure. In this way, you are removing the acne stimulus (diet) at the same time as removing bacteria and dirt that clogs pores and perpetuates the condition.
Meat and animal fat are the least immune-provoking foods. For those suffering from inflammatory conditions, it appears to be the best dietary approach to control inflammation in the body.
Grains and legumes are indigestible. I could feel the undigested grains and legumes fermenting in my colon, and this manifested as increasing gas. Lacking nutrient density and bioavailability, they are not absorbed in the small bowel. Instead, they must pass all the way to the large bowel, where gut bacteria ferment and metabolise plant material in attempt to generate free fatty acids, that are then absorbed and used as fuel. This is the cause of the flatulence. This contrasts enormously with meat diet which is readily and rapidly absorbed in the small intestine. Patients with stoma bags after bowel surgery report that after they eat steak, there is nothing recognisable left in their bag. Contrast this with plant matter such as corn and other seeds that often pass out the other end undigested and still recognisable.
I must also mention the occasional downsides.
Diarrhoea might occur you neglect to eat enough fat. I got several bouts of diarrhoea, characterised as urgency, with no bloating or abdominal pain, and no systemic illness. I am unsure of the mechanism. Symptoms quickly resolve when increasing dietary fat intake. I came across this problem if eating too much lean cuts of steak (grass-fed steak with no marbling and small fat seam). This resolved quickly, and I now have no ongoing issues.
More difficult to quickly build total body mass. I suspect that totally removing carbohydrates provides the body with exquisitely, perfectly tuned satiety mechanisms. I found that the carnivore diet kept me at a stable weight, despite allowing me continuous and progressive increases in lifting strength and power. This may not be the case for everyone. If your goal is mass gain and weights training, you might stack mass on more slowly than with carbohydrates in your diet.
Increased need for electrolyte supplementation, especially in the first 6 months of carnivore as your body switches from burning glucose to burning fat. The lowered insulin level in the blood affects how your kidneys manage salt (sodium and potassium), and you will lose both salt and fluid under lower circulating levels of insulin. This need slowly disappeared as my body became completely carnivore adapted.
The overall benefit of the carnivore diet on health has been nothing short of astounding. In some ways I am grateful for my acne in that it allowed me to discover the carnivore diet and regain my health. I would highly recommend people with severe inflammatory medical conditions to try the carnivore approach, as the risk vs benefit profile is very favorable. I would also recommend carnivore to those who aren’t suffering from any disease except the consistent tiredness, low-level anxiety and malaise that affects so many in developed Western nations. Carnivore is the tool to unlock our natural vitality and healthful state. I believe Carnivore is the evolutionarily appropriate human diet and its ability to reverse disease is testament to this fact. I am now very optimistic about my future health, as I believe the best predictor of future health and longevity is current health.
My final and most emphasized advice is to listen to your body, and be in tune with you subjective feeling of health. If you wake up every morning with energy, a positive attitude and happy disposition you are most likely on the right path. Continue to trial and error with diet until you reach this state – it takes time and effort but it will be worth it.
In closing, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the prominent figures in the carnivore community, who have spread knowledge through articles, podcasts and public speaking. Specifically, thanks to Dr. Shawn Baker, Amber O’Hearn and Mikhaila Peterson. They continue to take the slings and arrows from various profit-driven and ideological opponents of Carnivore eating.
Thanks to all who have read my account, and best of luck as you reclaim your health on your own Carnivore journey.
–  Pyroxidine

Lindsay lost weight and improved skin and digestion on carnivore diet

I’m 43 years old …. I’m healthier than I have ever been thanks to you but let me go back
I was brought up in early 80s eating zero fat my mum was a model she was a size 8 ( uk ) she never allowed any fat in the house apart from bacon and cheese ( those were my dads) ,… I can remember being drawn to the fridge and I would eat the raw bacon rind and stuff my face with cheese….looking back I must have been craving fat !!!
All through my twenties I followed low fat diet eating gummy bears etc to take the urge to eat a meal away …. eventually I was eating bags a week …. when I left home I worked as a model for a while and while we all darent eat lots of meat girls took tablets of collagen…. as I became older and a mother for the second time at 30yrs old my health took a real blow …. I wasn’t able to lose the weight … I had stomach trouble … body aches the list goes on … my skin was red and inflamed and I got lots of sinus infections which iv had at least 9 courses of antibiotics for ,…. so was put on more meds …. omeprazole tramadol etc …. I decided after a few years I needed to take heed ,,, I did … I went keto … I felt 85 percent better …. over the last 2 years iv gone keto carnivore to the point that meat is my main diet …. I’m on no meds … I’m in my forties and feel great ( I’m amazed at how many of my friends are on meds for life at this age)findings this way of life has saved me .
Go back to my mum who never ate a speck of fat …. she had her gall bladder removed at 36 … she’s suffered horrendous back pain and spine pain … at 61 she’s had 1 hip replacement and they want to do the other soon … they said she has the bones of an 88 year old !!! She can’t lift the kettle or the frying pan … she can’t dry her hair as her bones are crumbling… I know for a fact now that low fat is our enemy …. luckily she’s following my diet now … il keep you posted lol

As for me iv never felt better … I even had surgery with zero carb and I use to suffer with hypertrophic scarring … guess what … normal scars this time !!!!! Amazing yes !!!!
Only thing I found with surgery was that when I woke up I was very dehydrated…. so make sure you tell your anaesthetist about your diet

Jason improves Lyme’s disease, Chronic Fatigue on carnivore diet

Perfectly healthy until 32, then my immune system went off the rails.

I have found that eating only meat or fasting stabilize my condition, and remove the immune cytokines that cause flares. I was told I had Lyme's, I have POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), and other autonomic damage due to inflammation.

I had brain damage and memory loss, and was disabled for years. I use doxycycline as an anti-inflammatory and nicotine gum to suppress my immune response and those help a lot, but if I eat anything other than meat I have edema all over my body.

I'm not entirely sure Lyme's is the answer to CFS and the all meat improvement, but I do know my immune system is overreactive. My fasting experiments prove that. All the symptoms are from inflammation, long term. Going back to the 1970s you've got people with auto immune diseases who go into remission when put on an elemental diet, meaning pure glucose, amino acids, fats, but no proteins that could flare them. No fibre.

We're all on this spectrum, and unless people go through it, or their spouse goes through it, they will never understand the freedom eating only meat gives. It saves our lives. I need to be more consistent, I'm tired of being tired and nauseated all the damn time.


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