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Heath improved blood pressure, tendinitis, and hemorrhoids on carnivore diet

Dr. Baker,
I follow you on YouTube and Facebook and want to thank you for promoting this life changing way of eating.  
I started a keto diet 16 months ago at 57 years old with the last 6 months or so primarily carnivore. 
I previously was pre-diabetic with metabolic syndrome. High blood pressure , severe tendinitis in my arm, dandruff and even hemorrhoids.  I generally felt like sh-t!
Within 5 months i lost 65 lbs and have maintained my weight loss while gaining lean mass until now.  
All of my health issues have reversed !  My blood sugar and pressure are normal. My post prandial sugar level two hours after eating dinner is 84!
I started working out again, lifting heavier than ever and am continuing to build lean mass.  I genuinely am in better shape and feel better at 58 than 28!  My energy levels are insane and no longer even need an alarm clock to awaken in the AM. Here is a pic of me at 28, in 2015, 2018 and 2020.
Keep the videos coming and continue to spread the good word – god bless!

Mike C. improved skin, chronic pain, digestion and mood on carnivore diet

Hello Dr. Baker and the MeatRX team!  I wanted to wait until I had a full year of Carnivore under my belt before I did my testimonial.  I kind of accidentally discovered this WOE going from 2 months of Keto and just kind of skipping the plants part.  Then I started researching if Carnivore is something that can be sustained and ran across Jordan Peterson’s story and that led to researching you.  Very happy I did!  So for the most part I have been living with all the things that “go to shit” when you hit certain ages.  Got issues from being a teen, 20s, 35, 40…etc. (I’ll be 45 in July)  All things I was told by friends/doctors/everyone that is just part of life.  My worst injury was a bulging disc from a few years back, all my other issues were just listed under “natural wear and tear”.  Turns out that NONE OF THAT IS TRUE.  At the end of this I will be putting a list of all the awesome things that have happened over the past 12 months.  Before that I wanted to say that this lifestyle is an absolute game changer.  Even for just an average person with average problems like myself.  I had no idea how crappy my body was doing until I started making this list.  I almost feel like a low level superhero. I’m at the midlife crisis stage and I feel better than I can even remember.  Thank you so much! 


The following is a list of everything I could list that significantly improved since I started carnivore:



Keratosis gone

Bad body acne gone

Cracked bleeding feet healed

Chapped bleeding lips reduced 90%

No dry skin on arms/hands

Athletes foot gone

No lobster sunburn (no suntan needed)

No body odor

No vinegar smell after workout

Chronic Pain:

Tennis Elbow gone (had for 5 years)

Shoulder tendonitis gone (had for 10 years)

Carpal tunnel syndrome gone (had for 10 years)

Radial tunnel syndrome gone (had for 5 years)

Finger and thumb tendonitis gone (had for 4 years)

Knee pain gone (had for 30 years)

Hip pain gone (had for 15 years)

Lower back pain gone (had for 25 years)

Plantar Fasciitis gone (had for 3 years)

Seasonal Ailments:

No colds/flu since Feb 2019

No constant level of phlegm

Tension/Stress/Sinus Headaches, 3 out of usual 25 per year

Seasonal Allergies gone


Hemorrhoids gone

Diverticulitis symptoms gone

Bleeding/receding gums healed

No plaque/fuzzy feeling on teeth

95% reduction in farts

Heartburn gone

No bad breath

Food allergies gone


New hair on knees

New eyelashes

Small amount of head hair regrowth

Some gray hair disappeared

Thicker beard

Finger/toenails less brittle

Other Neat Stuff:

55lbs fat lost

7lbs muscle gained

Road Rage almost gone/more chill while driving

No more “old man” warm up time in mornings. 

More motivated in general

No Migraines

2-3 nose bleeds a month down to 1 for the year

Grew an inch taller

Tinnitus gone

Can be around sick slobs that sneeze on me, no fear of getting sick

Eye floaties gone

90% reduction in eye crusties

Greater range of temperature tolerance.  Jeans and T-shirt weather: 30-80 degrees

No other illness of any kind since Feb 2019

Injuries heal 50% faster

Fell down half flight of wood stairs, got up no problem!

Overall strength increase

Most food/alcohol cravings gone.  (still some alcohol cravings though…just some)

Random chest/internal torso pains gone

Marion improved back pain, digestion, skin and energy on carnivore diet

My partner ( he is 67)  myself ( 63)  began the meat diet last March.  If we hadn’t  did this way of eating we would not have believed it.  I am of indigenous heritage and did believe we should eat as our people did, but somewhere along the line we are convinced this is wrong.  Luckily we didn’t totally buy into it and still ate meat everyday and enjoyed the fat but when we went strictly meat, eggs and dairy the results were unexpected.

We noticed right off the hop how much energy we had (almost Sex drive way up.  As continued it was amazing, NO MORE BLOAT OR GAS.(  I had taken up eating one particular salad with brussel sprouts and broccoli and the bloat was unreal ) sugar cravings went away,  sleeping better, no snacking & eating twice a day usually, sometimes once,  different kind of hunger, the rumbling/shakes didn’t happen,  just felt hungry,   skin tags gone, no more hang nails,  hemorrhoids gone ( I had for years), our arthritis went away and backpain decreased significantly, we both have more muscle definition, the muscle is harder/tighter & we are definitely stronger,  (we don’t go to gym, our work over the years & daily living has given us good muscle)  Our eyesight has improved. I apply beef/pork grease on my skin and people have commented on how amazing my skin looks.  They thought I was wearing face makeup and one commented did I have surgery! Incredible. Not only that but my eyebrows are growing back in after going years with only half brows.

My partner is growing just not thicker hair, but brown hair & on places there wasn’t any, the white hair is turning brown on his head and chest.  He was also taking high blood pressure and gout pills after appx. 3 months he discontinued use. ( I did not take any pills) Our attitude was happier ( not so cranky) and his depression decreased and eventually disappeared.  My anxiety disappeared as well.  

Overall,  we have found the majority of  people think we are killing ourselves with “ so much fat /meat/butter etc.”

Note: when we have fallen off the wagon we notice the arthritis, hand nails, gas etc. return.   Hence it is motivational for us to continue with the meat.

My brother was doing keto previous to our diet change and we thought wow, that’s a little too much meat and ignored the diet.  Once again goes to show how manipulated we were even though we knew better.  

My daughter decided to give it a go and she has had amazing results as well.  She is 43 and when she went to her doctor for check up she stated her test results were “ off the chart” and what was she doing.  When she said the Carnivore diet,  the doctor didn’t say a word!  Interesting eh?  

Thank you for all the info you provide. It is much appreciated.

Marion and Roy from Ontario, Canada

We did forget to mention , although we were not hugely overweight and that was not our reason for doing the meat, I lost 20 lbs. and Roy lost 26 lbs.

Callan improved energy, dental health and muscle tone on carnivore diet

I am 23 years old and have tried many diets. Even though I have never had any serious health issues, after going carnivore (eating grain fed beef, kangaroo, eggs and sardines) I have noticed the following improvements:
  • It is easier than ever to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously without tracking how much I eat. For the first time I trust my appetite and there are no issues. In the picture where I look fatter I was eating paleo OMAD and was continuing to gain weight. In the picture where I am leaner I eat carnivore meals as frequently as I feel like.
  • Minor acne has disappeared.
  • My breathe no longer smells and my severe gum inflammation has healed.
  • I have no joint pain even though I exercise quite recklessly. My knee pain continued eating carnivore until I eliminated dairy and then my knee healed very rapidly.
  • My energy levels are stable throughout the entire day and I feel well rested after less sleep.
  • This one is potentially biased but my hair has become darker and fuller

Melissa improved chronic fatigue, PCOS and endometriosis on carnivore diet

Interstitial Cystitis,
Metabolic syndrome,
High blood pressure and cholesterol,
Unstable weight including Underweight, Overweight and Obesity,
Chronic yeast infections, endometriosis, PCOS culminating in a hysterectomy and a
Pelvic Organ Prolapse (grade 2) Whew!
I came to carnivore in the spring of 2019 after thinking about it for a year and reluctantly deciding to give it a 30 day trial. I had gradually lost 40 pounds before starting carnivore and was at a normal BMI. I’ve lost an additional 13 pounds effortlessly since making the transition. I no longer have most of the above issues and the only medication I’m on is bio identical HRT for early menopause from the hysterectomy.
The additional benefits I’ve experienced so far include: stable mood, increased motivation, improved relationships, stronger nails, softer skin and hair, stronger teeth and immune system. I’m also feeling so good that I’ve decided to go back to University in the Fall to finish a degree I put on the back burner over 25 years ago! I finally have energy and desire to live life to the fullest! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the inspiring people in the carnivore community who shared your stories. Melissa

Cara discovers better energy, mood, skin and digestion on a carnivore diet

After eating a 100% carnivore diet for 1 year, Cara says that going zero-carb really works for her and it’s the best thing she’s ever done for herself.


Her preferred diet is beef, lots of eggs, organ meats whenever possible, some pork and some chicken when the other choices aren’t available. She has a little bit of dairy such as full-fat cheeses and plain yogurt but no milk. Intermittent fasting is also part of her regimen, mostly two meals a day, sometimes one. Her energy level seems to stay high following this routine.


Following a paleo approach for the last 4 or 5 years, Cara had always been healthy and active. She says that she really understands and likes the perspective of how a human being should eat or at least should evaluate their food choices, that is, natural things: things we are used to eating.


Although she was eating paleo, she still drank a lot of beer, probably two per day or more when socializing. However, eating carnivore has destroyed her taste for beer. She doesn’t even like it anymore which is just as well because of the money saved by not buying beer. Besides, drinking caused her to have intense cravings for junk food. Going carnivore eliminated those cravings.


She adapted to carnivore quite easily: no keto flu or low energy. Her digestion stabilized in a couple of weeks with no bloating and her mental clarity is top-notch. “I always have the ability to focus when I need to and multi-task if I need to and I have a much more stable and good mood all the time. I might be one of those co-workers that gets called perky” says Cara.


“I just feel pretty good and balanced all the time. I handle stress way better than I used to. I do think that that has to do with (the fact that) now I’m eating something that completely nourishes me and balances out blood sugar and hormones and all of the signals, all of the everything that your body needs to just kind of run at a
good baseline.”


Her skin is clearer. She did have adult acne that is now gone. Her hair and nails are growing faster and are stronger. Her monthly cycle is what it should be. She feels fortunate to know that so many other women struggle with hormonal imbalances but on a carnivore diet, she has noticed improvement with a shorter monthly cycle, no cramps or irritability and a lack of PMS.


She’s noticed that even after moving, starting a new job, meeting lots of new people, especially children, neither she nor her husband got sick this year. She attributes her stronger immune system to the carnivore diet.


Cara plans to keep up the carnivore lifestyle and contribute in any way that she can.

Terese improved sleep, mood, digestion, and asthma on a carnivore diet

October 29th, 2019 was my 1 year Carnivore anniversary. 🥩

1 year ago I began a journey that I thought was only going to be a 30 day experiment.

The before photo was not taken specifically for this purpose. It just happened to be the only picture that was taken of me on October 28th, 2018, the day before day 1 of my new way of eating. The after picture was taken today by a friend of mine specifically for my after picture.

I WAS eating a whole food, plant based, vegan diet before I began my carnivore journey.

I was having some health issues, and put a question out to the Universe asking why, because I THOUGHT I was eating the healthiest diet one could eat.

Of course, the Universe answered me. I started coming across information that I had never seen or heard before.

I saw stories about many others who had also had issues with the diet I was on at that time.

I saw that many people were healing themselves of those issues by the Carnivore WOE.

At the point I was at with poor health, and because I asked the Universe, I knew it was an answer to my prayer/call.

I decided that even though it was completely opposite of my prior beliefs, (a belief I held for 25 years,) that I would give it a try for 30 days.

Close to the 30 days I felt so well that I decided to go for 60 days… 60 days turned into 90 days. Before the 90 days were up I decided to go for 6 months. At 6 months I decided I want to go a full year. Today, I feel like this is now my lifestyle.

I will, of course, continue to check-in with myself, and Higher Guidance to see if it is in my Highest good to continue.

I did not start this change with weight loss in mind. I started it because I wanted to change my health around before it continued to get worse. The weight loss (39 pounds to be exact) was an added blessing!

I have received so many health benefits!
•Increased energy
•Longer stamina
•Better moods
•Clearer/sharper mind
•Better sleep
•More muscle mass
•Stronger teeth
•Clear skin
•Shiny, strong hair
•Clear airway
•No more “getting sick”
•Less body fat
•Better digestion
•Leaky gut healing
•No more carb crashing
•Balanced hormones
•Lighter menses
•No more aches and pains
•I think I may be healed from asthma…if not healed 100% yet, definitely 90%!

I have never felt better!

In the beginning I felt lethargic for two weeks at about week two to week four as my body adapted from burning carbohydrates for fuel to burning fat for fuel. The adaptation phase can be different for everyone. It depends on where you are at with your health currently.

I also had signs of detox… weird rashes appeared… mostly on the side of my temples, and partially on my forehead, as well as on the back of my neck. That lasted for months. I would have to look at my journal/log book to see when that stopped.

I highly recommend logging everything you eat and drink, and how you feel, as well as the changes that happen, if you want to experiment with this way of eating (or any change of eating, for that matter). I have been keeping track of everything this entire journey. I have also weighed myself on a scale, daily. I take body fat measurements once a month.

The following are the changes in measurements in 1 year:
•Weight -39 pounds
•Neck -1”
•Bust -4.75”
•Waist -6.65”
•Stomach at naval -6.5”
•Stomach at low level -4.5”
•Hips -6.25”
•L Thigh -4”
•R Thigh -4.25”
•L Calf -1.5”
•R Calf -1.75”
•L Ankle -1.15”
•R Ankle -.75”
•L Bicep -1.85”
•R Bicep -1.75”
•L Forearm -.85”
•R Forearm -1”
•Body Fat 21.8% -7.5%
•BMI 21.1% -4.1%

I also had to learn the new ways in which my body let me know it was ready for food. For example, I may start to feel a tiny headache, or feel tired. Those are signals it is time to eat. You will not get that ravenous hunger feeling like you do when you are eating carbs.

With all of my heart, I thank the Carnivore community.

Many of you have been a huge source of emotional support for me, and shared a wealth of information. It eased my mind. It would have been a completely different experience without you. It is such a blessing that I have made some great new friends too!

End of story.

Thank you,


Adam improved fitness, hair, mood, mental health, nails on carnivore diet

19th May 2019

Dear Reader,

I wanted to write about my weight loss, physical and mental transformation and the 7 year road I’ve been on. It hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been terribly hard, but it has been difficult at times to not get discouraged and lose my way. I don’t know my true starting weight, I had stopped using the scale as the number never stopped going up, but I do remember the last number was 275. My now wife, and long-time partner of 15 years, had a loving and concerning discussion with me one night about how concerned she was about my weight and health. The next day I went to what I knew worked in the past, a low carbohydrate way of eating.

Rewind back to when I was 19, post graduation from culinary school. I had put on serious weight in culinary school, hitting 297 pounds, much more than the freshman 15 since I started culinary school around 220 pounds. This was relatively easy with an endless supply of freshly baked French delicacies such as croissants each day from the baking class. We “had” to try it all… and I sure did. There wasn’t much of an off switch when it came to consumption of calories.

My mother offered me $500 to lose 100 pounds. Game on. I set my sights on the prize and joined the local gym and hit it hard with cardio on the bike. I immersed myself in hours of racquetball 6 days a week, my cousin was my partner and was game if I was. I messed around with weights, but there was more fuck-around-itis than a legitimate lifting program, so not sure if any progress was actually made. This was around the year 2002 and Atkins had hit its popularity so the book was purchased and read and I followed the way of eating as best I could. The use of a carb counter was often too cumbersome back then before the handy apps that do the work for you. Looking back, the food I consumed resembled a bit of a PSMF. I consumed a lot of turkey burgers and salad with ranch dressing. My friends often ordered pizza and I found myself eating most of the toppings, much to their chagrin. It was much easier to simply not eat any carbs and stay away from the vegetables that had “too many carbs” than it was to keep track of how many I ate per day.

I found myself losing the 100 pounds and earning the cash. I used it to mostly purchase new clothing as I was feeling good about myself and needed a wardrobe to reflect how I felt on the inside. With the newly found confidence came the relationship with my aforementioned now wife. Along with the new relationship came enjoyment of food and alcohol. The pounds began to pack back on and over the next 8 years I ended back where I started, the 300 club. I had a fasting blood glucose in the prediabetic range of 120, was constantly inflamed, struggled with sleep apnea and snoring, my joints hurt constantly, I was unmotivated, unwell and unhealthy.

I started my new life very near Halloween as I remember turning down the candy, begrudgingly. I stayed strong and turned to the internet for ideas as the weather here in Washington during October and November isn’t exactly the best for outdoor activities. I found through searching for low carb, a fair amount of information about LCHF/Keto. There were a lot of resources, mainly the calculators to figure out macros and the app Myfitnesspal to help calculate what you ate into those macros. I remember that I had a target of 1800 calories per day.

For 8 months I lost a consistent 10 pounds a month. It came off quickly. I didn’t exercise, but a career as a sous chef had me on my feet 10+ hours per day on a hot line. The weight loss eventually slowed down and I hit my first goal of 220. Once that milestone was achieved I set my sights on 200 and then 190. I found intermittent fasting through the internet searches and dabbled with eating 1 big meal per day but it was not sustainable.

Once I hit a skinny fat 190 pounds I began to lift weights using the KetoGains protocol. I had lifted weights in high school and before when I lost the weight the first go around. I kind of knew what I was doing, but realized through trial and error that I was not being as efficient with my exercises as I could have been. I stayed consistent with my schedule and joined a 24 hour gym, often times hitting the gym after dinner service at 10pm or later.

Around this same time I posed a question on Reddit about my daily intake of sub 10 grams of carbohydrate and whether I was doing anything I should be worried about. A member said something to the effect of, “welcome to carnivore.” And they linked to another subreddit about a carnivorous way of eating. I dove right in. Steak, and as much as I want? Sign me up. I continued to lift weights, I did a small amount of cardio, mostly walking. My weight didn’t change much but I began to see my body composition change.

I eventually found a new company near me called DexaFit and they offered a membership to include monthly 3D body scans, DEXA scans, VO2 Max testing and RMR testing along with other “biohacking” take home test kits. I was finally able to quantify the changes my body was going through and see what effect the work I was doing was having. One of the take home kits was a DNA test from FitnessGenes. I saved up to purchase one and couldn’t wait to get my results back.

I eventually got my results and purchased a “tailored for me” workout program. Along with the program came a dietary guide. According to the DNA test I should eat a diet higher in carbohydrate and lower in fat. I thought I would try it as things had stalled and I was desperate for change and I wanted things moving in the right direction.

After getting tired of spending time commuting to the gym, having to shower and change, and then getting to work or home I decided to set myself up with a home gym in my garage. I built myself a power rack with plans I came across on the internet and I now have built myself a rather respectable gym in my garage with more equipment than I truly need. I used my new garage gym for a powerlifting 5/3/1 cycle and saw my deadlift get to almost 400 pounds, my squat never really got to a respectable level, 295 was the highest I got it to.

I stuck to the newly tailored DNA workout program for 12 weeks, the dietary regimen was harder to stick to. I noticed my body responding well, but metabolically I didn’t care for the changes because I had to eat every 3 hours in a classic bodybuilding style diet. If I missed my meals I would experience hypoglycemic episodes and mood swings due to hunger and blood sugar crashes. I stuck with it and eventually ended the program and had a DEXA scan to see how it went. I got down to 12% body fat and had visible abs for the first time in my life. My low body weight was 173 pounds. When the program ended came fall and the holidays. The weight crept back on as I indulged in all of the treats and revelry. I got close to a squishy 190 and said something needed to change so I went back to low carb.

During my high carb phase I focused on a paleo/primal style of eating but I struggled with gut issues, gas to clear a room, bloating and constant hunger. I didn’t experience these on keto or carnivore. I ended the program in an unsustainable place when it came to calorie consumption. The thing I often found with keto and carnivore was that even if I ate to “thanksgiving full” I wouldn’t gain weight. I really had to push the food consumption to gain weight, I did gain about 20 pounds one winter when I was overly stressed and ate far too much, but it eventually came back off. I thought I was gaining muscle along with the fat but the DEXA scans showed otherwise, they have proven to be a great tool to keep me honest throughout my journey.

I have found through the new popularity of podcasting an endless supply of daily motivation to keep me consistent and to help me not lose my way. My lifestyle has truly changed. I now find myself with new workout goals and I train bodyweight calisthenics 2 times per week with a full body circuit on Tuesdays and Fridays. Mondays and Thursdays I do a Tabata circuit. Wednesdays I do a brief HIIT cycle on my Schwinn Airdyne and on Saturdays I often spend the day doing consistent low level movement around the house or yard getting projects done. My goal is to do a small amount of work each weekend to upkeep things around the house. My wife and I recently discovered pickleball and have no problems playing that for 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon or going for a long hike in one of the the many pristine forests we have at our disposal.

I am still a chef, but my duties have changed and I have more of a desk job these days. I immediately asked for, and purchased a standing workstation to make sure I don’t sit all day. I still have a physically active job 3 of the 5 days of the week when I receive product for the restaurant and have to put it on the shelves, but it’s not like it used to be when I was on the line each night.

Right now I am sticking to what works and that means 1# of locally sourced from the farm beef and 4 pastured eggs, this I eat at 4 am after my morning workout. I usually eat a second meal, sometimes a 3rd. The second meal might be several pieces of bacon and/or sausage as it’s quick and convenient to grab some at work when I’m busy. My 3rd meal might happen around noon and will typically be another 12oz to 1# of beef and a couple more eggs. On the weekends I might indulge in a growler of locally crafted beer spread across the weekend and things are a little more lax when it comes to food consumption, but protein always plays a featured role and things stay low carb, likely never going above 50 for any given day.

Fasting has been a fairly consistent part of my new lifestyle along with the dietary changes. I rarely have less than 12 hours fasted each day and I prefer to do my exercises in a fasted state each morning (aside from the preworkout cup of black coffee). I have dabbled in one meal a day, 16:8 and have done one 3 day fast. It’s tougher and tougher to do extended fasting, I find my work has me stressed and physically active so I just go for as long as I can and do the best that I can. It’s also tough when there is great food around you at all times prepared by highly skilled cooks!

I heard good advice and that was to know your “why.” My why came from the talk with my wife and it’s transformed into a want and desire to be as healthy as I can, and to pay penance for my past dietary indiscretions (I was 100 pounds in the 2nd grade…). I’d also love to have a body fat at sub 10% levels! People on a path also need to find what will work for them and is sustainable in the long run. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I didn’t get to 300 pounds in 6 months so it sure as hell isn’t going to fall off in that amount of time either.

I’m happy to say I no longer suffer from the things I used to and going to a carnivorous way of eating has seen many things clear up. I used to get small skin irritations on my thighs which I always thought were ingrown hairs from my pants rubbing on them but when I don’t eat a lot of dairy, they don’t appear, the less polyunsaturates I eat also seems to have an effect. If I eat a lot of chicken they will appear. I’m 36 and my face is relatively wrinkle free. Mosquitos don’t bother me as much as they used to when my blood was sweeter. I don’t burn nearly as easily and tan very nicely. My nails are strong and thick. My joints don’t hurt. I have no trouble performing glycolytic work (tabata, HIIT) or long slow fasted hikes or work around the house. I no longer snore. I don’t have to think about what I’m eating to maintain or lose weight. The weight seems to gradually come off if I just go to bed with the feeling of “I could eat” but without true hunger. I no longer limp my way from the car to the house after a long hard day of work. My mood is stable and in general am in a good mood more often than not. I perform at a high rate at all times keeping me sharp at work and a good performer in my field.

I could go on and on about my story, but I’ll end this anecdote by saying thank you for all that you do and keep fighting the good fight!


Listen to Adam’s interview on the podcast here:

Benjamin improved fitness, hair, mood, mental health, sex on carnivore diet

This diet has changed my life.

I’ve been obese all the way up to the age of 16. I got into MMA and lost over 80 pounds, from 230-150. I was eating a pretty “healthy” diet to get this weight down and maintained that diet to stay in fight shape. But I didn’t feel great. I got into fighting and had to do a lot of weight cuts (19 fights). Many of these cuts where terrible for my health. Some fight camps I was only eating only fruit salads, chicken breast, greens, and oatmeal. I would have to lose over 15lbs in a week to make fight weight by starvation and dehydration. When I would get into the ring, I didn’t look like a fighter one bit. I looked weak and always had a belly.

Eventually I took a break from the weight cuts and gained little muscle but was still fat and didn’t feel great.

Through this break I ended up terribly depressed to the point I had suicidal thoughts. I dropped out of nursing school after a year in because I had no drive. My sex drive was zero, wouldn’t even get hard from watching porn. I was always tired, always. I didn’t want to go out and never wanted to socialize. My confidence was zero. I couldn’t talk like a normal person, always stuttering and mumbling.

I contribute all of this to my diet, bad weight cuts, and getting hit in the head.

I didn’t have health insurance and didn’t really believe a doctor could help me. I’m not about taking medications to cure my symptoms when I wanted to fix what was causing these problems.

So I did my research and eventually tried Keto. I had some success but was still fat. THEN I listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with Shawn Baker.

I said I’m doing this after listening and it’s been ever since that podcast.

After the first year or so I felt amazing. I was finally getting stronger in the gym. Confidence went up. Sex drive back. I got my CNA certificate and got a great job as a CNA and went back to school for nursing.

But I was getting fat and had very dry hair on this diet. So I did some periods where I would try to eat normal again because maybe I thought it wasn’t right for me. But whenever I did this I would never feel as good as I did when I ate only meat.

But now things are finally working for me. I’m getting lean while eating 2-3lbs a meat a day. My hair is getting better. And I’m making a lot of progress in the gym. I’m in over a week of doing 100-200 pull ups a day and 200-300 push-ups a day with little sleep. I sleep around 3-6hrs a night. My awkward ass found myself a beautiful girlfriend. I’m performing great at work. Went from a 3.0 GPA at a community college to a 4.0 GPA in a university that uses a Harvard grading scale (94-100 is an A). I am not going back ever.

I mostly eat hamburger patty’s because of price. Before I was eating once or twice a day but now 2-4 because how hungry i’ve been lately. I do supplement w/ boron, ashwangaha, bone meal, and vitamin C. And I do drink about 8 cups of black coffee a day but because I usually don’t sleep until 3am and I love coffee. I fall asleep fine and could fall asleep right after I finish work at 11:30 but due to responsibilities I don’t get to sleep til then and I am fine with that.

I am excited for the future because of this diet.

Olivia improved hair, skin, thyroid, Hashimoto’s, PCOS on carnivore diet

I started following Shawn Baker around November of 2018 when I started to get serious about weight loss. I’m 29 years old and have been suffering all through my 20s with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and PCOS. I was on a program of supplements and shakes with 4-5 meals a day consisting of only oven baked chicken and vegetables and although I was losing weight I was also miserable with what I was eating and unable to eat so much. I decided to give carnivore a try and I am so happy I did. 

I went from 250 lbs down to 210 lbs in 3 months. My hair is growing back longer and stronger, my mood is better, my skin is clearer, my inflammation is gone, my energy is up and I feel absolutely amazing. I practice intermittent fasting with 1-2 meals a day consisting of red meat. I’m almost completely off my thyroid medication and I see no need to ever stop this way of eating! Thank you to the whole meat heals community for continuing to inspire and motivate!!


Listen to Olivia’s interview on the podcast below:


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