Holly healed her Plantar Fasciitis on a carnivore diet

Holly was healthy as a child and didn’t notice any health issues until she was 16 years old and developed a dairy intolerance.  Nine years later Holly had her first of four babies in the span of two years and three months.  After so much in a short time she started to notice her mood change and would be quick to anger and her body was becoming sore and tired.


Holly decided to try several diets including the keto diet.  All of the diets worked for weight loss but never healed her pain and discomfort.  


Holly decided to try the carnivore diet for eight weeks.  During that time, she healed her aches and pains, headaches, thinning hair, mood and changed her relationship with food.  She decided to say with the carnivore way of eating.


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Kim improved her ulcerative colitis, boils, migraines on a carnivore diet

Kim suffered terribly from ulcerative colitis and had to have her colon removed several years ago.  She had boils, rosacea, and migraines.  When she switched to the carnivore diet all of her symptoms improved!  


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Valerie improved her digestion and bloating on a carnivore diet

Valerie was sick and overweight when she found the keto diet.  She tried it and had success with weight loss and was able to walk better than she had in years.


It wasn’t until she decided to make the switch to the carnivore diet after being introduced to it by Dr. Ken Berry that Valerie found improvements with her digestion and no longer felt bloated.  


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Amber improved her rosacea and acid reflux on a carnivore diet

Amber had success on the keto diet improving most of her symptoms and getting herself off many of her medications.  Her friend suggested that she try the carnivore diet and that’s when she was able to heal the last of the symptoms, she was suffering from including poor digestion and rosacea.


Amber is now a Certified Carnivore Coach, MeatRx.com podcast host and a huge advocate for this lifestyle!


Listen to Coach Amber tell her inspirational story of healing on the MeatRx.com podcast!

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Chris improved his joint pain and thyroid function on a carnivore diet

I always had a problem with weight since I was a child. When I got older it would yoyo back and forth reaching a peak of over 260 pounds. When the scale said 260 I stopped weighing myself, it was too depressing. During nursing school, I began going to the gym, juicing, and experimenting with intermittent fasting. The weight slid off. I looked good and felt good. I was eating lots of kale, spinach, and broccoli. Around 2015 I began to notice that after exercising it felt like I never recovered. I was sore all the time. My joints began to ache and I lost my strength. 

I would sit on the weight bench dreading my next set. I thought maybe I was over exercising and began backing off hoping that would help. I began using less weight and going to the gym less frequently. I gradually went from 4 days a week, to 2 days a week, to one day a week, to none. During this time my health began to deteriorate. My worst symptom was brain fog. I was a corrections nurse and at times I had to be on my toes.

It became frightening when I had to respond to a medical emergency and struggled to remember what to do. My symptoms included joint and muscle pain even though I was no longer exercising. No strength, no drive, and no libido. I felt cold all the time, my skin was dry, I was gaining weight, and constipated. My life became centered around finding the strength to make it through a day at work. 

I would drink a pot of coffee in the morning, drink coffee at work, go home and rest, go to bed, and repeat. I had to drink the coffee for physical and mental energy to function, and then rest at home hoping to be able to do it again the next day. I ended up switching jobs to a psych unit which was a bit easier. While I was at that job a new symptom emerged, I lost my eyebrows. 

One day I noticed in the mirror that my hair was looking thin and then realized my eyebrows were almost completely gone. As time went by I watched them slowly fade away to the point that someone at work asked me if I shaved my eyebrows. Very embarrassing. I spoke with some people at work about my health issues and someone suggested hypothyroidism. When I looked into it many of my symptoms, including the lack of eyebrows fit. 

So February 2018 I decided to go to the doctor. He had me get labs and checked my TSH. It was 2.4085, right in the middle of normal. I didn’t know what else to do, nor did I have the strength to do anything. I felt like I was waiting to die. 

June of 2018 I watched the Joe Rogan podcast with Jordan Peterson where he talked about his daughter Mikhaila and her health problems. I then watched Joe’s podcast with her. I was inspired and hopeful that maybe if I gave the carnivore diet 30 days it might help me. I had a blog that I wasn’t updating anymore and decided to use it to record my progress and see if it worked. I weighed myself, took pictures, and did some measurements. 

I decided to be as strict as possible so I didn’t accidently sabotage myself. I ate only beef, salt, and water. Over the 30 days my health greatly improved. The brain fog began to lift, my weight and waist began to shrink. I felt more energy and my pain began to diminish. During that 30 days I delved into as much information about the carnivore lifestyle as I could find. I found Shawn Baker’s podcast with Joe Rogan and the meat heals, now meatrx website. The meatrx website has been a source of inspiration for me. I devoured the testimonials.

Reading all the success stories gave me hope that if it worked for them maybe it can work for me. After the 30 days I felt so healthy I never wanted to stop and take a chance of my health deteriorating again. Today, a little over 2 years into my journey I have relaxed my diet a little. I eat bacon, cheese, and egg yolks with beef. I have also included liver and kidneys (Kidneys are $.50 a pound and I am a cheap bastard). I also use pepper and tobasco sauce for additional flavor. The majority of my health issues have resolved, including my eyebrows. 

They are still a little thin but they are back! When I would get into my car my knees would hurt, now they don’t. Even today when I get into my car I am amazed that they don’t hurt. My constipation is mostly gone, my skin is nails, and hair are much improved. My strength, energy, and drive have returned.

I believe my health had deteriorated to the point that it is taking some time to come back. 

I still have severe seasonal allergies however as I am writing this it is the first fall that is not so bad, things are still getting better, even after 2 years. So I want to give you hope like so many have done for me. If you are having health problems try the carnivore diet for 30 days. If after 30 days you still have some health issues give it time, you might be like me, and need a few years to rebuild.

Jacqueline no longer suffers from chronic constipation on a carnivore diet

Hoping you are well, Dr. Baker!  

I have a lot more to my carnivore journey that I will share in due time, but I had to share one piece with you in case it might help anyone else struggling with their health.  I am 32 years old and have had chronic constipation my entire life.  In my early 20s it went from chronic to downright miserable and occasionally dabilatating. Regular bleeding, aching hemorrhoids were the least of my problems and they certainly weren’t a party. The abdominal pain, weight gain on virtually any diet, bloating, and daily nausea eventually led me to many doctor appointments for any kind of relief.  Much to my dismay, it was always the same song and dance: “more fiber, less protein, more water (or the opposite), more exercise, more meals, less meals, less sugar then more sugar, then no sugar, stool softeners/probiotics/laxatives/enemas you name it.  
It got to the point that no doctor believed me when I explained my diet and exercise regimens.  I would go in with logs of every step I took and every scrap of food or drink I consumed thinking it would prove finally that NOTHING worked no matter how religiously I followed “doctors orders”.  Even then the best I got was “you are perfectly healthy just try more miralax”.  I tried herbal teas, coffee, every diet you can think of, supplements, and on and on and on. Some things worked temporarily but they always, ALWAYS stopped eventually.  My husband turned me on to carnivore late last year and I dallied with it fearing that it would only make my problems worse (according to everything I’d been told or read). It wasn’t until January that I finally committed to a serious and strict trial run (thanks in large part to your book and following Mikhaila Peterson on her health journey).
And with tears in my eyes now I can tell you that I have not had a single bout of constipation in all of 2020. It is hard to explain to anyone how dramatically that one simple thing has changed my quality of life. I wasn’t convinced it would last, but 9 months of success and relief?  I’m now a believer and my digestive health is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you and team for everything you face down to keep this message going strong.  Add me to the list of patients you have changed for the better.     
All the best

JL healed her prolapsed pelvic floor on a carnivore diet

Thank you for featuring my picture on your Instagram! My success is short since I just started Carnivore “correctly” July 1st 2020. I had done a very dirty version in 2018 which of course did not last that long as I was coming from the Keto Community and still eating artificial sweeteners, lots of dairy and my weight slowly crept back up since my fasting windows shortened significantly. 

A little history about me. I was always thin growing up and never had a weight problem until I started “dieting”.. so since 2001 I’ve managed to keep myself in a perpetual cycle of gain/lose/gain/lose. I’ve done the Body-For-Life challenge several times in 2006 and 2008 lol. I finally hit my major milestone of competitions and became an NPC competitor from 2012-2013, was published in 2 fitness magazines then completely crashed after my last competition because I killed my adrenals and became extremely unhealthy in the brain (anxiety & depression). I gained 60 lbs then in 2017 started a new journey of Keto/IF. Was very successful because I could fast forever.. lost 50 lbs in 5 months.. During this time I struggled with severe health problems and my fasting windows just got smaller and smaller and sure enough over time my weight just kept creeping back… in between I did eat a few weeks here & there a very SAD diet. Right after my 40th birthday (April) I threw my back out for a few weeks and I was told by my “lady” dr that I had a prolapsed pelvic floor and that’s contributing to the back pain and I was at risk for surgery if I didn’t do physical therapy. I was shocked and knew that I had to really look at my lifestyle not as a “weight loss” journey, but a major correction of my body journey.

I remembered Shawn Bakers interview with Joe Rogan and how simple he kept it regarding Carnivore. So I decided to just stick to beef, salt, water, fat. Within 3-4 weeks my pelvic floor was completely healed. No pain, no pressure and all the other embarrassing issues surrounding this problem just went away. My skin issues completely cleared and I was noticing that I was not hungry, I rarely thought about food, my sleep was much deeper, my digestive problems subsided significantly and I went from 4-5 times a day to 1-2. I’ve lost about 15 lbs but I think the biggest benefit so far is I’m HIGHLY aware of what is happening with my body. I can listen to it’s queues crystal clear and to me that’s a privilege. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story. I have lots more to tell.

Listen to JL’s success story on the MeatRx.com podcast below:

Robert is no longer sore, is now free from anxiety on a carnivore diet

I have battled sugar addiction and yoyo weightloss diets as long as I can remember. I first heard of the Carnivor diet on the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr.Shawn Baker I put the information away and neglected to practice it for some time. This year the diet made itself present in my life with another podcast this time by Jordan Peterson and I decided what do I have to lose. I was constantly sore and anxiety from work was leaking into other faucets of my life effecting personal relationships and work performance. I did my research and began a 30 day challenge that is now a 60 day challenge in the first 30 days my anxiety melted away, I am no longer sore and constantly bloated and i have lost 22.5 lbs feeling and looking better now at 30 than when i was 18. This is becoming a life style where the pros easily outweigh the cons.

Listen to Robert’s interview on the MeatRx.com podcast below:

Nathan improved severe depression, sleep, acid reflux on a carnivore diet

I’ve had severe depression my entire life and tried every treatment imaginable, including Electroconvulsive Therapy(Shock treatments). Nothing worked really, I found my mood was the same on and off the medications, and I had to deal with the horrible side effects of the meds. And Shock treatments just left me with a horrible memory. And I’ll tell you another thing too… It left me with a horrible memory… (lame joke) 
Anyways, in 2019 I was hospitalized for suicidal depression because I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I realized I wouldn’t last another year if I didn’t do something. I had been following Jordan Peterson for quite some time, listening to his talks, and stumbled across his interview with Joe Rogan. They were talking about how the Carnivore Diet fixed his depression. He mentioned his daughter Mikhaila and how much it helped her. So I watched Joe’s interview with Mikhaila Peterson, and began following her. Which inevitably led me to Dr Shawn Baker, who I learned so much of the technical, ‘sciencey’ aspect of Carnivore from.

It took about 2 months of strict carnivore before I noticed a drastic difference in my mood. Instead of going through each day thinking about how much I wanted to be dead, or even thinking about how to kill myself, I was catching myself laughing and smiling again FOR NO REASON!!!
It hit me one day… This is what life is like without depression caused by chronic inflammation!
It’s wonderful to see and feel the difference. I’ve been able to devote more time to pursuing my voice acting career. And I’ve lost around 80 lbs, down from 290+.

Thank you Dr. Shawn Baker(@shawnbaker1967), Dr. Ken Berry(@kenberry.md), Professor Peterson(@jordan.b.peterson), Mikhaila Peterson(@mikhailapeterson), you’ve helped a lot of people, including me.
Height: 6’3″
Lifestyle changes: Have been strict carnivore for 8 months, was morbidly obese, but did the diet mainly for depression.
Diet: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Eggs, Salt, Water
Fast: Only eats when hungry(1-2 meals a day). Does not count calories or grams of anything, or stick to any eating schedule.
Exercise: Just walking. Gym soon as they open.
Time on diet: 8 months
Health Problems Resolved:
– Severe Depression has disappeared
– Lost 80lbs
– Skin problems & Dandruff are gone
– Feeling weak and shaky when hungry gone
– Sleeping much better
– Acid Reflux and digestion problems which I was convinced would kill me one day have vanished completely.

Listen to  Nathan’s amazing story on the Meatrx.com podcast here:

Steve improved his depression and has not had a seizure on a carnivore diet

Hi, my name is Steve. I would like to share my story in the hopes that it will be inspirational to others.
I’m 34 years young. In my 20s I was a footballer. I played 3rd & 2nd grade for Manly Marlins. I was your average young guy who loved to party & have fun. On the 29th April 2012 I was playing a game & hit my head however I continued playing & then after the game went out with my mates & got drunk. To cut a long story short, it turns out that I had a concussion & the next thing I knew I awoke in hospital after being in a coma for 2 weeks. I has suffered a hypoxic brain injury. A result I was left severely disabled. I was wheelchair bound, had brain damage, I became vision impaired, I lost a lot of weight, had a lot of trouble chewing, swallowing and talking. Worst of all I developed epilepsy and was having regular seizures which seemed to make my disabilities even worse.

Over the past 8 years I have suffererd with severe depression & anxiety. I have a fantastic team of therapists and carers & very slowly have seen some improvement.

In November 2019 my carer suggested a ketogenic diet which very swiftly changed to a carnivore diet.
Since then my depression & anxiety has gone, I cannot explain how good I feel. My eyesight has improved to the extent that I no longer need glasses, my speech has improved, I have put back on most of the weight I had lost (and gained lots of muscle tone).
I also had major trouble with my sinuses, my nose was constantly blocked or running but that has now stopped, my sinuses are clear. Best thing ever is that I have not had a seizure this whole time.

Since being plant free I have:
– more energy and feel better than ever
– recieved a positive blood test showing healthy ranges of all blood markers including normal nutrient levels. LDL was high but triglycerides were very low
– regular and health bowel motions
– recieved a great report from my councellor, saying she had never seen me in a better mental state
– recieved an amazing report from my chiropractor saying hes never seen me in better condition and does not want to touch me
– recieved a great report from my OT saying she was very pleased with the progress ive made and i had better keep doing what i am doing
– improved fine motor skills
– improved cognotive ability, i have so many great ideas for future projects
– not had a virus, cold, or allegy, in fact my nasal congestion issues have decreased massively
– felt a huge improvement to my dental hygeine. i was having massive problems before and the dentist said i would need to go back soon probably for another filling however i am not experiencing any pain or discomfort.
I take no supplements or medication apart from Keppra for my epilepsy, however I believe I will be able to come off that one day.
I believe whole heartedly in this diet, I am educating myself about it constantly and hope to have a blog to help educate others one day.
The old Steve
The new Steve


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