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Kimber healed her type 2 diabetes on a carnivore diet

Kimber tried the keto diet and the weight started to come off.  Over two months she slowly stopped eating plants and naturally found the carnivore diet.  


Listen to Kimber’s story on the MeatRx.com podcast and find out how she reversed her type 2 diabetes.

Jeff eliminated his type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea on a carnivore diet

Jeff used fasting and carnivore to lose 85 lbs and keep it off for over 2 years. He went from 270 lbs to 185 lbs.


He eliminated his type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint inflammation and sleep apnea.


Jeff has killed his carb addiction and also his alcohol cravings.  His blood work is normal and he is off all of his medications.


He feels better and stronger at 50 than 20 years ago! 


Listen to Jeff’s success story on the MeatRx.com podcast

Andy reversed type 2 diabetes on a carnivore diet

Andy was in bad shape, he was 70 lbs over weight, a type 2 diabetic and had very high blood pressure that he couldn’t get under control.


He tried all kinds of diets, vegetarian, low GI, reducing red meat, lowered starchy vegetables.  Nothing worked.


His daughter recommended that he try the carnivore diet.  In one year, Andy had lost 80 lbs, gained 20 lbs of muscle, he went from a 42-inch waist to a 32-inch waist.  He is the same size as he was in high school.

Listen to Andy’s story on the MeatRx.com Podcast 

Amber improved her rosacea and acid reflux on a carnivore diet

Amber had success on the keto diet improving most of her symptoms and getting herself off many of her medications.  Her friend suggested that she try the carnivore diet and that’s when she was able to heal the last of the symptoms, she was suffering from including poor digestion and rosacea.


Amber is now a Certified Carnivore Coach, MeatRx.com podcast host and a huge advocate for this lifestyle!


Listen to Coach Amber tell her inspirational story of healing on the MeatRx.com podcast!

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Tracy lowered her blood pressure on a carnivore diet

Tracy experienced a health crisis that put her into the hospital.  She was diagnosed with high blood pressure, low potassium and pre-diabetes.


Listen to this busy mom’s story and how she got herself off several medications and became a certified carnivore health coach! 



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Stephen is improving his type 2 diabetes on the Carnivore diet

Stephen, AKA Orbi-Wan, is using the Carnivore Diet to repair 25 years of damage from diabetes and carb
My name is Stephen, also known as Orbi-Wan on the internet. I am a 60-year-old retired military veteran
currently working as technology support for our local school district.
I am working to put my 25 years of diabetes into remission through a commitment to eating what is best for
my body.  I am the first to admit that, while I have made great strides towards this goal, I still have a long way
to go. Being diabetic with poor management and terrible diet habits for 25 years has taken its toll. It’s going to
take a while, perhaps two or three years, but I am committed to stick with it, and the Carnivore food lifestyle
is the key.
I was diagnosed in 1998 with Type 2 Diabetes, and a review of my military medical records show that I went
undiagnosed as far back as late 1995. I retired from the Navy in 2002.
Prior to discovering the Carnivore food lifestyle, I ate pretty much anything I wanted to, and was especially
addicted to pastas, rice and certain fast foods. I was obese – my weight fluctuated anywhere from 190 to 230
over a period of several years. I suffered from lethargy, multiple sinus infections a year, was put on high blood
pressure meds and statins, and of course, more diabetes management drugs than I can even remember. Of
course, everything I was suffering from was pretty much a direct result of the complications of my diabetes,
my Standard American Diet, and the lack of education about the best way to deal with my condition.
During the fall of 2019, my wife and her sister both began transitioning to the Keto food lifestyle. I was
resistant. I was drinking what I considered healthy green smoothies every morning, loaded with fruits, kale,
spinach, and artificial sweeteners, and thought that was enough. I was on multiple types of medications, both
for diabetes management and associated “medical” problems. I was still putting away massive amounts of
“healthy” foods with carbs but knew in my heart that I was really not doing myself any favors.
As I approached my 60th birthday, something finally clicked.  I was coming off an extended recovery after I
broke my foot, and my wife was constantly playing videos by Jason Fung and Ken Berry.  The phrases “insulin
resistance” and “reversing diabetes” kept popping up, enough that they finally wormed their way into my
consciousness.  I actually began to listen to what they were saying. I watched Fung’s reversing diabetes course
on YouTube, and finally decided on my 60th birthday to make the commitment to put my diabetes into
remission through the Keto diet.
For the first few days of 2020, I gave the old college try, but discovered that I was still running higher glucose
levels. That’s when I started looking at ALL carbs, not just “bad” carbs. Then I listened to Berry and Robert
Cywes (who is my actual doctor now) talk about the Carnivore way of eating. On January 6, I transitioned to a
higher fat/moderate protein/near-zero carb way of eating, and wow. That is when things started taking off.
The first thing that happened – I began losing weight fairly quickly. I lost 15 lbs. within the first few weeks and
am actually stabilized now at between 155 and 158 lbs., which puts me in the middle of ideal weight for my
height and body type. I’ve gone from Extra Large to Medium shirts, and 38/40 pants down to 30/32s.
The next thing that happened, I immediately began to feel better. I had more energy. My sleep became
deeper and my dreams became very vivid. After my initial bout of adjustment, what they call Keto flu, I have
not been sick, lethargic or felt physically bad. I usually would have at least two upper respiratory infections by
this time of the year, but I have been in great overall health, even in the midst of this pandemic. I am

especially grateful for this considering that as a diabetic, the complications associated with CoVid infection for
diabetics can be more severe than with other health issues.
Towards the end of January, with the weight loss and the higher energy levels I was experiencing, I went to my
endocrinologist and explained what I was going, what my goals were, and that I wanted their support for the
path I had chosen. I told them who I had listened to, the research I had done, and that I felt it was a realistic
and achievable goal. To my surprise, the doc laughed at what I said, and proceeded to tell me that their 20-
years of experience trumped what anything new I had learned about managing and reversing my diabetes. 
Needless to say, I have not been back to see that endocrinologist. Instead, three days later I had my first
appointment with Dr. Robert Cywes, the Carb Addiction Doc, and he has been my guide. He supports the
Carnivore food lifestyle, and his views on food addiction, especially carbs, has helped me stay committed to
this way of eating.
He has taken me off of all of my blood pressure meds, statins, and all supplements, agreeing with this
community that I can get everything I need for health from eating the right way.  He also took me off most of
my diabetes management drugs, although he has helped me realize that although I am eating healthier, I do
have 25 years of damage to repair, and I will need some support through Metformin and carefully considered
and administered insulin injections from time to time.
The good news is, my blood sugars are steadily stabilizing and normalizing. When I started Carnivore, I was
coming off a high A1C of 8 to 9. My last A1C at the end of June was at 7 and, if my Continuous Glucose
Monitor is to be believed, I could be looking at an A1C of 5.5 or even lower in a couple of weeks, as I prep for
my next appointment with Dr. Cywes. And the absolute foundation that I am building on is the Carnivore way
of eating. I have learned I have nothing to fear or even be concerned about when it comes to Cholesterol.
My typical food day: I was able to establish a routine of one “eating” meal a day, in the evening, that fits both
my and my wife’s work schedules. To keep from getting hungry otherwise, I put a couple of tablespoons of
butter and heavy whipping cream in my coffee first thing in the morning, and then again around noon, about
the time of Shawn’s daily meeting.  For dinner, we eat rib eyes, bacon, eggs, pork belly, etc., on a rotation,
throwing in some fish and other animal products from time to time. It’s a simple plan, we love the food,  and
we both only eat until we’re satiated.
My exercise is considered moderate, primarily walking and the lifting, pushing and stretching that comes with
the physical aspect of my job as technology support on the fairly large campus where I work.
Let’s talk about MeatRx. I joined in February, and I enjoy and use the resources available to me. The primary
resource I take advantage of are the multiple meetings available. They are my support groups. I regularly
attend Shawn’s daily meeting, the weekly diabetes group, the mental health meeting, and a few others as I
can find the time. I find the comradery, encouragement, and fellowship invaluable as I continue on this
So that is my journey and my goal. I am only in the early stages. I celebrate the victories and study and make
improvements when I encounter setbacks. In it for the long haul, I want to enjoy being alive when I am in my
90s and playing lightsabers with my great grandkids.

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James improved his metabolic function on a carnivore fasting lifestyle

Dr. Baker,

  First of all I would like to thank you for being such a big proponent of local ranchers and in particular regenerative ranchers.  I fall into the latter category as a rancher at Forage Creek Ranch.  We are a part of the database of ranches listed on MeatRx and truly appreciate your hospitality in letting us be a part of your movement.  I would also like to tell you that we take every opportunity possible to tell people how we know what you are doing is genuine.  I know this is true because you don’t charge ranchers to be a part of your website, or have a subscription or ask us for anything.  You truly believe that this is the best way to live and for that we are truly grateful.
  Secondly, I would like to share a part of my journey.  I have been overweight my entire life.  As I have gotten older  (currently 41) I have become more and more stiff, lethargic, moody, unhealthy, etc, etc.  When you are a rancher, or any other busy job, you wake up at 5 am and grab a hot beverage and a sweet something and out the door you go only to need something else by 8am because you are now experiencing a crash in blood sugar.  You repeat this process every few hours until 11 pm  or so when you finally hit the pillow only to wake up in 5 or 6 hours to do it all again.  We grew our own healthy proteins, but also consumed grains, sugars, etc and even with all the work could never move the needle much on the weight loss front.  After being enlightened by you on the fasting window and the benefits of carnivore diet my wife and I resigned that we would live a new way.  We grow our own beef, lamb, chicken and eggs.  We had decided to consume pretty much exclusively our own meat and mostly eat only once per day.  We usually treat ourselves on the busy weekends and have 2 meals.  Our “workouts” aren’t as refined or conventional as some peoples.  We move animals daily, pack electric fence, haul water buckets, scoop chicken feed, hand mow ditches, farmer carries with feed buckets incorporating squats, etc.  It’s a far cry from the monumental high box squats you do, but we are definitely making progress.  I know people have their own opinions on whether grass-fed meats are better than grain fed and all I know is that I feel amazing and have lost 110 pounds and my wife has lost over 50 pounds in 5 months and we have more energy and mental clarity than ever before.  I no longer have high blood pressure, pre diabetic symptoms, stiffness or fogginess.  I am by no means “In Shape” or “healthy” or “fit” or any of those things, but I believe I am well on my way to an exponentially better and healthier me. 
  Thank you again for being an ally.  You’re welcome at our fire any time.
I included a couple pics.

Watch or listen to James’ interview on the MeatRx.com podcast below:

Lara improved her malabsorption on a fasting, carnivore lifestyle

Hi there, 
My name is Lara. Dawn Leighton is a good friend of mine and I have been doing carnivore on fish and eggs for almost 2 years now. I gave up dairy (except butter) and caffeine, coffee and tea January 1st. My original plan was to go keto with my mom but it quickly went to Carnivore due to Dawn convincing me how much easier it was not needing to count anything. Well shortly after that I started experimenting with fasting. I have been obese my entire life. I went to fat camp at 12 years old and was ruthlessly picked on at school, especially middle school. Honestly, I tried everything from diet pills (fen-phen), weight watchers, Jenny Craig, gastric bypass, to juice fasting. Nothing I did worked and I kept gaining weight. I felt like a broken human being. I had lost a lot with my Roux-n-Y surgery which I got 18 years ago just after meeting my now husband. After the 3 kids and not figuring out why I got obese to begin with, I steadily gained quite a bit of weight back over the years. I even had gestational diabetes with my first born. I was headed down a terrible road. So, once I found carnivore and fasting I finally understood the role that high insulin played in particularly my obesity. My main focus since I started has been keeping ketones high and glucose low in order to have the healthiest metabolism. I check both my blood glucose and blood ketones regularly to know myself from the inside out. Since January 1st, I have made the most progress I have ever seen in my body. Giving up dairy and caffeine was a part of that but I also do a lot of fasting both extended and intermittent. When I feed, I eat a lot and I only eat nutrient dense food. High fat is vital to me too in order to keep me satiated. I am happy to be able to say now that I weigh a lot less than when I was at fat camp when I was 12 years old. I have honestly never seen my body look like this before. I keep walking by the mirror to check to make sure I am not dreaming. For the longest time, I wished to live in someone else’s body because I was so disconnected from my own. My legs finally have shape instead of being tree trunks. 
Now, I say what, when and how often I eat are instrumental to my success. Fasting is just as important as what I feast on. Fasting lowers my insulin like nothing else and keeps me metabolically healthy. I was so damaged from all the dieting I did in the past. If I eat too many days in a row, my blood sugars start to creep up. I can also feel that my body is now craving a fasting day here and there.
I am now almost to my ultimate goal. I expect to be there by the end of June. I get my blood checked every 6 months due to malabsorption issues I no longer have. I take no supplements nor medication. The plan, once I get to the final goal, will be to continue fasting 2 days a week, both combined and spread out, to keep my blood sugars stable and insulin low. This will be the first time in my life that fat loss will no longer be a goal. Fasting for me, is a sustainable and vital part of my health  journey.  It is my mindset. I am furious that I had been lied to and brainwashed my entire childhood on faulty, unproven science. Once I figured out the insulin was the problem I have been unstoppable. The first half of my life was filled with pain and self doubt, but the last half will be medication, inflammation and disease free. 
The bottom picture was me as a teen vs me now. It has been an amazing journey for sure. 

Watch or listen to Lara’s interview on the MeatRx.com podcast below:


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