Joint issues – arthritis

Chandler treats vasculitis, tendinitis, piriformis syndrome on carnivore diet

Listen to Chandler’s interview on the podcast below:

In 2017 I was pre-diabetic. I was suffering greatly with vasculitis, had tendon problems in my feet, and I had piriformis syndrome. My whole body was inflamed.

I was in bad shape, crippled really, and none of my doctors we’re able to help me except to put me on steroids which only helped temporarily. I knew I could not stay on them very long.

I found the low carb community online and started down that path at 245 lbs. 9 months later my weight had gone to a 190 lbs and I was nearly symptom free. My diet gradually evolved and since I have gone to about 90% carnivore. My weight is 178 lbs, my waist-to-height ratio is less than 1/2, my cholesterol is 187 HDL 92 LDL 86 triglycerides 44. My CAC score is a zero!

I feel fantastic!  I’m 57 years old and feel 35 again.

Chris improved arthritis, tendinitis, and lost weight on carnivore diet

Hey Doc, I’ve been following you for a couple of years now after listening to you on Joe Rogan. I broke both legs back in November of 2018. Completely shattered my right heel and have 17 herniated disks. I was a mess. I had arthritis in my left ankle so bad I could barely walk. I’m 5’4 and ballooned up to 198lbs. I was miserable and in constant pain. I also developed tendinitis in my right elbow so bad I couldn’t lift a 10lb dumbbell. I made the decision to go on the carnivore diet Feb 1. I’m down to 174lbs have no tendinitis, my arthritis is gone and my back doesn’t hurt. I have no sugar cravings and am damn near in better shape than before my accident. I just wanted to say thank you for being a voice and showing me how great this diet is.

Darren lost fat in improved performance on a carnivore diet

Hey Shawn and company,

Firstly, thank you for inspiring thousands to do their own n=1 journey into meat-based nutritional lifestyles.
I tried the CD for 30 days in 2018 and had phenomenal results in performance and fat loss. I don’t have any auto immune or any other health issues, just simply understood the amazing benefits of meat and that you can be optimal eating only that.
I competed in the Spartan BEAST race  in Thailand (21km, 30+ obstacles) on the carnivore diet in 2018 and came in 9th out of 1000 plus participants — I felt like I had an extra two gears in my endurance. 
I signed up for a 100KM trail run here in Thailand on Feb 15, 2020 — and I’ll be on a predominantly 95% meat-based diet. Can’t wait to crush it…
After posting the blog, I had many friends follow suit, who then convinced their parents to try — curing their arthritis and haemorrhoids.
Thanks for this platform to share our successes!

Travis improved his arthritis and pain on a carnivore diet

I would first like to say thank you Dr. Baker. I found you through Mark Bell and took your advice about a carnivore diet and it has completely given me my life back. About 4 years ago I started experiencing pain in my hips, feet, and hands. It progressively got worse and spread all over my body and after a lot of doctors appointments with specialists it was determined I had RA (rheumatoid arthritis.) I was immediately put on the normal RA medications but continued to get worse to the point that I would go days without being able to get out of bed. The doctor upped the medication and I experienced shortness of breath even just sitting not doing anything, my blood pressure was at extreme levels to the point that when I went to the doctor and the nurse took my blood pressure she went pale and rushed to get the doctor. 

Long story short the medicine was killing me and I wasn’t getting any better. I lost my heavy lifting factory job eventually which means I lost insurance and couldn’t afford specialist and medications. I heard you and Mark Bell talk about the carnivore diet on his podcast and thought what do I have to lose, so I gave it a shot. Within 2 months time my blood pressure was in completely normal ranges and my RA symptoms were completely gone and I wasn’t experiencing any flare ups. At this point I am still off all prescription medications including RA and blood pressure medications. 

I have not had any issues in three and a half years now and have went from stuck in bed in pain back to working out in the gym lifting weights 4 to 5 days a week and being able to enjoy life with my wife and 3 kids, and now have a 4th on the way, something that wouldn’t be possible if I were still on the medications and suffering from my horrible autoimmune disease. Me and my wife have literally cried when we think about how far I’ve come and the fact that at one point we thought “normal” life was over. Me and my entire family cannot thank you and Mark enough for all that you do in getting the word out about the carnivore diet, and standing up and fighting to get the truth out.

 Meat heals and people deserve to know the truth, especially those who suffer daily through horrible life altering autoimmune diseases. I will continue the carnivore diet for the rest of my life (I’m only 35) and I will do my part to spread the word and all of the success stories to help fight the good fight and get the word out to the world that meat heals! Thank you Dr. Baker you have truly given me my life back!

        Forever indebted to you,

Barbara improved rheumatism, mental, emotional health on carnivore diet

Dear Dr Baker,

I am 74yr. old woman living alone after my husband died (2011).
I lost motivation to prepare meals and gradually came down to
just snacks, with some vegetables. My health deteriorated as my weight
increased. I was forced to face the truth, but I didn’t know what to do.

Then I learned about the carnivore diet. This was so simple! I went
shopping and began immediately. That was eight months ago . The
weight loss has been slow but fairly steady (9kgs), the rheumatism
pain I have lived with all my life is less, my hip and knee (injured
in an accident years ago) are getting stronger and more supportive.
Mentally and emotionally I am more alert and relaxed – I like myself!

Some things have been hard, giving up bread was the hardest so
obviously an addiction, but now I’m addicted to feeling  better,
moving more easily, and taking up interests and hobbies again.
Life is good.

Thank you to all you men and women who have taught me so much,
supported me when I was “down”, and encouraged me with your


Danica improved digestion, arthritis, allergies, sleep on carnivore diet

Hello from the Andes mountains in northern Chile.
 First, I want to say that I love your YouTube channel. I appreciate your frankness and that you do not pretend to know everything. That you understand that there is still much to learn. 
I wanted to tell you my journey to carnivory. You inspired me to give it a red hot go.
In 1999. I was 270 pounds. I tried all sorts of diets, especially the calorie restricted diet. As a scientist, I was a firm believer in the calories in, calories out model. After all, that was what I was taught. Who was I to question the “experts”?
I went to my internist for help. She put me on Lipitor for my cholesterol and an 800 calorie low fat diet.
I followed it religiously. I kept gaining…and gaining. My cholesterol became worse. I had an adverse reaction to the Lipitor and stopped taking it.
My doctor continuously accused me of cheating on my diet. I was not. God knows I wanted to because I was so effing hungry all the time.
By the end of that year, my weight was north of 350…I didn’t know for sure because the scale didn’t go past that.
I was living in Manhattan at the time and I saw something about Dr Atkins on the news and it was a very negative piece about him and the diet that would kill people.
He rebutted and what he said made sense.
I bought his book and made an appointment with him.
Jan 2000, I started eating low carb.
The results were dramatic and by August, I had lost over 100 pounds, hired a personal trainer, and went to my internist for what I knew was the last time. She was so impressed and congratulated me for finally sticking to my diet.
When I told her what I was doing, she did an about-face and said that the diet would kill me. I fired her that day.
Eventually, my weight loss stalled so I bumped up my ratio of fat like Atkins recommended.
It took 2 years to reach my goal weght of 135. 
I still didn’t feel great. I never associated my aches, pains, poor sleep, and allergies with the grains, legumes, or vegetables that I was eating.
Recently, the keto diet came to my attention.
I tried it. Eliminated all packaged food. I started feeling better. Better, not great. I was still suffering from severe depression and was still having bouts of constipation and diarrhea.
Then I saw something about carnivore.
I watched a few of your videos and started researching.
Then I decided to try it for a month.
I hated it–at first. I missed veg. Despite the fact that I was feeling fantastic (no arthritis pain, no more allergies, great sleep), when I did my next shop, I loaded up on leafy greens. 
What a disappointment. They didn’t appeal to me. Except cauliflower and cabbage. What I really craved was meat. 
So, aside from a small bit of cabbage or broccoli (once or twice a month), I eat meat.
I will tell you that I am almost 60 and currently run 6 miles each morning with my dogs. I do a lot of physical labor as I am now a goat and sheep farmer (chickens and rabbits, too). No modern anything, except my cell phone and a very small solar energy system. Running water goes out often, so there are times when I have to haul water from the river to the animal pens (more tha 100 yards away). I have to cut and haul alfalfa every day to feed them. I work about 12 hours every single day. 
I have never felt better. My life has been transformed thanks to this way of eating.
Thank you.

Tony improved arthritis and pre diabetes on a carnivore diet

Just wanted to share that I have arthritis of the spine and after only a couple of months I am pain free. I would be bed ridden on cloudy damp days (when on regular diet) and now that I’ve cut out all sugar, carbs, starches etc….I am pain free.  I used to have joint pain as well and even that is no longer an issue. No more stomach aches after eating, no more bloat from wheat or the fiber in vegies, bm’s are regular for the first time in my life and no longer pre-diabetic, my waste is shrinking…loving the diet and will stay on it for ever. 

Amy lost weight, improved acne, depression and anxiety on a carnivore diet

My Story: Hi, my name is Amy and I have had my fair share of health issues during the past 26 years that make up my life. When I entered this world, I was an unhappy baby (diagnosed with chronic colic) which meant I barely stopped crying for the first 6 months of my life. As I got older it became apparent that I had a weakened immune system. I seemed to pick up anything and everything that was going around. I would even get really sick even after I had been vaccinated, like a few days later. Whenever I caught a cold it would last twice as long for me than it would for others and I would always seem to suffer the more severe symptoms. I cannot count the number of times I have been placed on a course of antibiotics. From the age of 13 I was prone to developing infections (primarily UTI’s), but I also suffered greatly from inflammation and had issues with my digestive health.

By the time I was 14 I had developed severe acne and my doctor thought the solution was to put me on ‘the pill’ to ‘sort out’ my hormones. This did not work, it only resulted in an abnormal level of hormone production which lead to further health complications. I was tired, larger than most girls my age, more moody and cranky. At 16 I was placed upon the controversial accutane drug. Accutane is typically only prescribed as a ‘last resort’ as it is renowned for causing severe side effects and is linked to detrimental effects on health. In my experience, it literally ruined my joints to the point I was borderline arthritic and couldn’t walk properly some days, I became so stiff and felt exhausted all the time. Not to mention it dried out my tear ducts, increased my skin sensitivity so much that I had to constantly and excessively moisturise, avoid the sun at all costs and if I got a cut or bruise it would take a long time to heal – and worst of all, if I came off the drug my acne would simply come back with a vengence!

After coming off accutane I suffered from severe anxiety and depression, I was constantly overwhelmed by negative emotions – my parents even jokingly gave me the nickname ‘little ray of sunshine’ (all about the sarcasm, right?). But honestly, I found it very hard to see the good in anything and my favourite thing to do was hide away in my room and sleep, comfort eat and watch TV… And consequently, my weight started to pile on.


When I turned 18 I went off to university. My parents had managed to convince me that gaining a higher education was very important for future career prospects. I attended locally so that I could come home every night, my anxiety would have never allowed me to completely leave my ‘comfort zone.’ This is where some real damage to my health was done via my diet. I basically lived off MacDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, Subway and KFC for the entire 3 years. To no surprise my depression got worse, but I actually thought it was the weight gain making me depressed, not the type of food I was consuming! Weirdly enough, during my time at university, I did not drink a drop of alcohol nor attend any of the famous uni fresher ‘parties’. If it wasn’t work related I wasn’t interested, a plus side of this was that I managed to obtain a very high grade in my university studies scoring grades within the top 5% and received several academic excellence awards. That was pretty much the only thing I had to feel proud of myself about.


After university, I put on a lot of weight, I was no longer eating quite as much fast food but I was eating a lot of chocolate and crisps and more ‘snack’ foods. Within 2 years after graduating uni I had bought my first home, had a nice car, was working cushy hours part time and had recently gotten engaged, this scenario all had taken place within a lovely sunny part of Australia… many outsiders would have envied my lifestyle and I remember constantly being told how ‘good’ I had things. The truth was, I had never felt more miserable. By the end of the year 2014 I was at my heaviest at nearly 90kg and at complete breaking point. I had to do something drastic as I couldn’t go on living the way things were. So, I called off my engagement to my long-term partner, sold my house, quit my job and moved to the UK for a ‘fresh start’ and new adventure. 

By mid 2015 I had settled into my new home and dream job in the UK, and I joined a gym and started to cut the crap out of my diet. However, the weight loss seemed quite slow particularly when compared to all of the exercise I was doing. And I wasn’t eating much, probably around 800 calories a day. It didn’t make much sense to me and as I was beginning to get demotivated I started to actively seek answers. I did a lot of research into nutrition and diets which lead to the discovery of a ketogenic diet. I began to listen to countless hours of YouTube and podcasts concerning health and developed a keen interest in nutrition. I finally felt like I had the answers. Without further ado, I put my newfound knowledge into practice and the results spoke for themselves. Not only did the weight start to fall off, I was more focused, energised and generally happier. On top of this my skin problems cleared up and my joint pain ceased to exist. I wasn’t getting sick as easily either. My interest in nutrition was ever increasing during this point, it was like the more I learned the more things made sense and the more things made sense the more I wanted to know why we were still being provided with diet advice that was just plain wrong and is evidently making us sicker and sicker.


After experiencing much success with the keto diet I decided to take things one step further and commit to trying the carnivore diet. Within a month of being on the carnivore diet so many things happened. My skin looks even more radiant, my overall energy and mental focus has increased even more, I’ve had not experienced a depressive state so far, in fact, my mood is through the roof and much more consistent rather than up and down. In addition, my digestive health has improved greatly as I have experienced minimal bloating and inflammation issues. Eventually, I do plan to reintroduce some keto foods back in to my diet, but I really want to give my body the chance to heal properly from the inside out. I know I have had candida and gut problems so it is for this reason that I plan to be true carnivore this for the next 3-6months and monitor my progress. I would like to say a big thank you to the carnivore community who have been unduly supportive throughout my transition. In the near future, I hope to even help others regain their health and provide them with the guidance necessary to experience similar success, but for now I am happy being an advocate for this diet and lifestyle.

Kind Regards,



Steve improved dental health, digestion, mental health on carnivore diet

Before I start, I sincerely want to thank Mikhaila and Jordan Peterson, Shawn and Zach, and Joe and Charlene Anderson for helping me get a much better understanding on what is going on with my body. Thank you for all you do and sharing your information!!

58 Year old male with horrible eating habits most of my life. Here are most of the ailments I have experienced on and off as a teenager to present day:

  1. Trigger finger
  2. Loss of writing skills
  3. Physical and/or mental breakdown
  4. Constantly spraining my ankles on any change in elevation
  5. Mysterious knee, foot or hip pain that would last for months and suddenly disappear
  6. Partially torn deltoid ligament innocently running around bases
  7. Dislocated sternum using light weights
  8. Hiatal hernia
  9. Decay of the teeth
  10. Food intolerances
  11. Outdoor allergies
  12. CFS, sleeping only 2-3 hours per night
  13. Always 30-40lbs overweight and no amount of exercise and/or diet would help
  14. Poor digestion (would crap Carvel Ice Cream for over 2 decades)
  15. Deep muscle tension that would cause spasms and chronic “knots” in my soft tissue
  16. Dizziness when going from sitting to standing that lasted for over 18 months
  17. Diagnosed with spinal stenosis that couldn’t be fixed
  18. Diagnosed with arthritic hip that would need replacement.

Started Carnivore diet 18 months ago and started getting terrific results in 4-5 days. My diet was pretty clean before that so I think my body responded pretty quickly because I wasn’t eating much junk food at that time.
Been eating only ribeye and ground beef for the last 12 months and got another big improvement. Also stopped using any spices and of course only water.

Things that have improved since going carnivore:

  1. First time in over 2 decades I have had no cavities in my teeth on my last two appointments since my teeth have no enamel on them anymore
  2. Playing golf once to twice a week where 18 months ago I couldn’t swing a golf club ten times
  3. Playing a little bit of tennis again, for the first time in 3-4 years
  4. Now have two sleep sessions of 3-4 hours each night. Way better than only 2-3 hours total.
  5. Exercise everyday and even started sprinting on the treadmill
  6. Weight went from around 180lbs to around 145lbs. Haven’t been this light since college and has been the easiest most satisfying diet I’ve ever been on.
  7. Of course mental energy and focus have improved greatly.
  8. Can now sit several hours in a chair without getting any chronic back pain. Whereas in the past I couldn’t sit more than 20 minutes.
  9. Digestion has never been better. Can’t remember the last time I have had to use toilet paper. Whereas in the past I would have to wipe my butt several times.
  10. Hiatal hernia seems to be healing as my stomach wall continues to get stronger and shrink.
  11. Many of the knots and spasms in my soft tissue are just about gone though I still have a ways to go.
  12. Chronic inflammation in my feet is gone. Sciatic and hip inflammation are also almost completely gone.
  13. Tennis elbow and arthritic right hand are significantly reduced and improving.

Now, I am far from what I would call healthy. I know my immune system is still very weak. Pretty sure I can still make myself quite sick eating soy sauce, whey, casein, etc.m etc. But I am really excited about this healing process and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring.

I am sure there are many things I have missed. So grateful I got a 2nd chance. I really thought the last 20-30 years of my life were going to be filled with more misery if I lasted that long.

Thanks Dr Baker, I am dropping down now and giving you 20!!! thanks for the inspiration!!!

Listen to Steve’s interview on the podcast below:


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