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Noah heals from Ankylosing Spondylitis, arthritis, and back pain on a carnivore diet

I was unofficially diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis almost 20 years ago. I have the blood antigen HLA-B27 and all of the classic symptoms of pain, inflammation and stiffness in my hips and back. These symptoms were constant and exacerbated with any form of exertion and worsened with rest. I even began to develop the famous stoop in my posture regardless of how straight I would stand… While many my age were in “their prime”, I felt I was in decline. Always searching for health centered solutions, I was hopeful that the internet would produce testimonies of others that have found relief from their chronic inflammation. I was was often disappointed with the search results! I always found myself searching for Vegan or vegetarian solutions and never found relief… One day about 3 months ago my sister Laurie told me abut Dr Shawns information along with Mikhaila Peterson’s testimony of relief and I was so excited!

I made the choice and removed all plant sources from my diet (except organic coffee). Within 3 weeks I was sleeping through the night and waking pain free! I am so thankful that my sister thought of me and shared these ideas with me! I hope my story encourages some of you on your health journey to not quit trying to find your health solutions.

Check out my story here:

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Packo improved his Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondilitis on a carnivore diet

Hi there! Dear carnivores, i have had a few conversations with one of my heroes (Dr Shawn Baker), we discussed what i am about to share with you in detail.
I have an really severe auto immune decease called Ankhylosing Spondilitis, i was diagnosed when I was about 24 years old, at that time due to the lack of knowledge of all the doctors I visited I had to spend almost 10 years of excruciating pain, to the point i couldn’t lift myself from bed without rolling face down to the floor and from there I picked up myself, I used to take approximately 20 different kind of pills a day, none of them worked, then about a year and a half ago i started a biological treatment called “Infliximab” i received about 300 mg every 6 weeks, it was until then that i stopped having chronic pain, but the toll was to high, last December I had to take 7 different treatments of antibiotics due to the nature of this biological med, now i have been treating myself with only diet, i started about 6 months ago on the ketogenic regimen two months after i had the miracle to see myself with Dr Baker and Dr Jordan Peterson both podcasts with Joe Rogan so i started the carnivore diet, i had now lost about 30 kg (About 60 lbs) and stopped taking Infliximab, i had no problems with my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) until about 3 weeks ago i had fast food burgers that contained soy and another inflammatory ingredients, that has sent me to hell, i had to shot myself with Cortisone and now taking noninflammatory pills to keep it at bay, other than that i feel great, no other damaged part by the AS has been affected whatsoever, i now just wait patiently for my knee to get better.
For the moment that is all i can share with you guys, God bless!

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Rob improved his ankylosing spondylitis on a carnivore diet

My name is Rob. I am a 35 year old Paramedic in upstate New York. I am a father to an amazing 8 year old son. I also suffer from Lupus, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Rheumatoid arthritis. Up until January I was a mess. I could barely move. I was depressed. I was medicated for my diseases. Honestly I had given up on life and was going just going through the motions. Life became just about getting through each day with the least amount of pain and suffering both mentally and physically. My job became increasingly difficult and I actually was at a point where I was unsure if I was going to be able to continue. The doctor even talked about putting me on disability. The biggest problem I was going through was because I was so depressed and basically given up… I turned to alcohol. I drank everyday and sometimes made very poor decisions.

Then just after Christmas I began reading up on Dr. Shawn Baker and the Bell brothers who have been doing this crazy ass diet that was all meat! I was super skeptical but after a few days I said, “Screw it, why not!” I mean I didn’t really have much to lose. So January 1st I took the leap. How hard is meat and water I would say to myself.

The first three days were awesome. I was eating steak and eggs and drinking water. Then day 4 hit. The cravings, the headaches, the nausea. I joined the facebook group and immediately reached out for help. The group was amazing and convinced me to the stay the course. I met so much resistance and hate from people in my life but I powered through.

Then week 1 ended and suddenly I felt good. Like is this real life? I had energy. I could move. My mind was clear and I suddenly realized I went a full week without a drink. I powered through and kept going. Days turned into weeks. Suddenly I had no pain. I slept through the night. I wasn’t anxious and depressed. I also realized that because I felt so good I hadn’t taken any of my medications… for anything. The shot I usually took every month for my disease… screw it, I feel great.

Fast forward to today. I have lost 14 pounds. I wear a size smaller pants. I have set PR’s in squat, bench press, overhead press, rows, and deadlifts. I have definitions! Whats that? I can run again. Adding miles every week. The best is that today I saw my doctor. My blood work was amazing. According to him I am the healthiest I have been in a decade. I no longer take any medications. This way of eating saved my life. It gave me my life back. I will continue and now I am focusing on weight loss but also want to keep getting stronger! I am proof positive that meat heals!