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Catarina improves fitness, mood, mental health, sex on carnivore diet

I’m a 24 year old woman who has been eating a carnivorous diet for almost 6 months! I eat mostly beef and pork with some dairy, eggs and bone broth. Prior to adopting a zero carb lifestyle I was eating a TON of vegetables on a low carb Paleo Diet. I even went so far as to only eat natural, pasture raised, grass-fed and free-range meats. I ate that way for a few years. Then my mom told me she was switching from keto to carnivore and felt amazing! I was skeptical but sick of having painful cystic acne and mood swings. I was ready to try absolutely ANYTHING.

Within a DAY of eating zero carb I noticed a difference in my mood. Heaps of energy and euphoria! I didn’t know I was lethargic before, but looking back, I certainly was. I woke up the next day with NO new acne and existing acne already improving! This was plenty to get me hooked on meat. That was in August 2017. I started carnivore at about 115 lbs 5’2″ and I now fluctuate between 107-110 lbs.

I have noticed the following improvements: overall leaner body composition, increased libido, CLEAR SKIN, softer skin, more restful sleep, zero cravings for sugar or alcohol, more energy, hair / nail growth, more visible muscles, increased strength, better stamina, confidence, a feeling of being calm or even zen (I would have described myself as panicky and anxious 6 months ago.) My cycle has regulated itself. Two years ago I was diagnosed with irregular periods! I now have a very predictable cycle with next to zero cramping and much milder mood swings. The list grows.

Catarina’s face before and after going carnivore. No more acne!

Grocery shopping is a breeze. Hardly need a list! I went from spending 20+ hours a week meal prepping/cooking for my boyfriend and myself, to maybe 8 hours a week. I can go longer between meals! I eat twice a day on average and I still drink coffee in the morning with heavy cream. When I started carnivore I was still occasionally smoking cigarettes and a few weeks in, my nicotine cravings vanished. I quit cold turkey!! My whole life has improved and I completely attribute it to replacing vegetables with a TON of meat. #meatheals and I have to thank Dr. Baker for his commitment to this movement. Without this way of life I’d be surviving but not thriving the way I am now!!

Brandon lost weight, gained libido, energy and improved his metabolic health on a carnivore diet

I am a 25 year old man who has seen incredible changes since going carnivore. I tried many different diets and a majority of them were not as effective. As of this writing, my weight has dropped to 179lbs, a level not seen for at least 7 years, the last time this happened was in 2012 or 2013, and down from nearly 280lbs which happened in December 2017. For most of my life I was on a Standard American Diet (SAD) with a higher fat content, as well as consuming alcohol once I was legally allowed and until going sober in 2018, until late January 2019. In February 2019, shortly after my 25th birthday, my weight has declined to about 250lbs, and I decided to go hardball with exercise with a calorie restricted diet, with extremely streneous exercise and capping my caloric intake to no more than 600 calories. Calories in, calories out, was what I was told all my life. I took various weight control pills. Despite all this effort, my weight loss stalled out after 25 pounds, and I went to my old SAD diet, not to mention cravings and cheats during this restrictive diet-exercise regimen. I decided to go on a ketogenic diet in May 2019, despite some oppositions, and my weight went down from 225 to 200 pounds, dropping another 25 pounds, before stalling out again. In July 2019, I did a dry fast and dropped 5 pounds down to 195lbs, but that was the absolute minimum. I did several more extended dry fasts which dipped my weight, only to rebound back to 195lbs. When I started carnivore, slowly but surely I began to see some results, with my energy and libido returning, gut discomfort disappearing, and ability to handle less sleep, and less brain fog, and as it stands today, I have lost about 15 pounds over 3 weeks, and I believe that my body is getting its species-appropriate foods. Here is what my stats looked like
January 2018 (Peak Dysfunction)
Weight: 280
BMI: 41.3
Waist size: 44″
Body Fat: >35% (est)
Metabolic Age: >30 (est)
Possibly high blood pressure
Insulin resistant, Likely prediabetic
Likely had fatty liver (high carb, high fat, alcohol)
Easily fatigued, cravings, lethargic
Morbidly obese
Likely high triglycerides
Likely dyslipidemic
Metabolically dysfunctional
February 2019
Weight: 250
BMI: 36.9
Waist Size: 40″
Body Fat: 29%
Metabolic Age: 30 (est)
Insulin resistant
Fatigued, cravings, lethargic
Metabolically dysfunctional
May 2019 (Start Keto)
Weight: 225
BMI: 33.2
Waist Size: 40″
Body Fat: 25%
Metabolic Age: 30 (est)
Fatigued, lethargic
December 2019 (Start Carnivore)
Weight: 195
BMI: 28.8
Waist Size: 36″
Body Fat: 24%
Metabolic Age: 29
January 2020 (Now)
Weight: 180
BMI: 26.6
Body Fat: 20%
Metabolic Age: 26
Still overweight, but conditions are improving
Thanks to the carnivore community for the support community.

Trey improved his digestion, fitness, anxiety and depression on a carnivore diet

This is going to be a multifaceted email to explain my previous symptoms/ailments before i changed by diet. Apologies for the long winded email but it’ll be worth your time reading. 

 I started following you on twitter about 5-6 months ago. Began incorporating more eggs/various meats into my diet and for the past 2-3 months i’ve gone all meat (mostly steak, some pork) with a few cheat days, usually pizza or a hamburger with the bun. Previously, my diet included a mix of meat, veggies, various carbs. Nothing specific, I generally shopped and ate healthy meals and mixed in fast food, which i’ve completely eliminated the latter now and have saved a lot of money. 
I have 2 confirmed celiac family members, although the test never confirms, just gives you a laundry list of items you have allergies to. One great great family member, I believe my grandma’s grandma, died in her early 30’s of a colorectal issue which I suspect is related. One family member is my grandmother on that side, and my brother. I have never been tested myself, I always assumed that the allergies were overstated and didn’t affect myself. Since i’ve switched, my digestive system, bowel movements and all, have greatly improved. I would make a smoothie in the morning prior to this diet, using frozen berries, spinach, etc…..and I would constantly have diarrhea after, like clockwork. I can tell this is a meat-related change because whenever I have something other than meat for dinner, the next day brings flashbacks of before. Incredible change. 
I also noticed a skin change since switching over. Previously, I had a rash on the left side of my jaw that would itch and almost looked like acne or chickenpox. This has since gone away but resurfaces when I go on a two-three day stretch of eating bad food (which the bad stretches don’t happen anymore). Thus, i’m almost certain this is also related. 
I’m also an athlete that comes from a family of athletes and we take athletic performance very seriously. I played division 2 football and excelled on my previous diet and since college ended, I fell out of shape due to inactivity and drinking (mainly drinking). I’ve started taking working out seriously again about a yr ago (i just turned 27) and I am a better athlete now than I was when I was 21 going through a college system. I’m talking speed, vertical, all lifts, and the greatest change has come from my stamina, which i previously always struggled with being a fast-twich athlete. 
Related to athletics, I used to stretch constantly…..I could touch my nose to my knees in a hamstring stretch but still always struggled with back issues. Just general aches and pains…so bad they kept me up at night tossing and turning…..those aches and pains have since subsided and are no longer present….ever…..and I rarely stretch now mainly because I just dont feel the need to. I feel like my muscles are pliable and ready at any instant for work…which I have a high sensitivity too. I can jump in and play pickup basketball without warming up/stretching or anything of the sort without muscle, knee, or back aches which I find truly incredible. THIS WAS NEVER THE CASE BEFORE
I have had heart issues in the past, I’ve seen multiple cardiologists for stress tests and pre QT…I’ve even ended up in the ER because my heart beat was so out of whack that I nearly passed out….very scary feeling. I used to have heart palpations after I ate, which i found odd, and ironically enough I ended up in the ER after I gorged on about 4 mcchickens from McDonalds. These palpations are gone when I eat meat, completely, but arise when I eat something specifically with gluten, soy, or generally anything unhealthy…..and sugar. But are completely absent when im on an all meat diet. 
While playing football in college, I sustained two serious concussions within a two week span. Just before we really got serious about sitting concussed athletes out for an extended time. Since then, I have struggled with cognition issues ranging from rage and anger than I could not explain and general loss of thought…feeling cloudy. These, for the most part, have subsided. Which I am eternally grateful for. These issues were taking a serious toll on my personal life with my now wife and at work. I feel like I am a better person now with a much more stable personality. Truly life changing. 
On another personal note, I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and mainly social anxiety for YEARS and I have not told anyone except my mother about this because she revealed the same to me when I was about 13-14 years old because she could see me struggling and she let me know she was struggling as well. For the next 13 years of my life, I hid these issues from everyone I came across, although it would be hard to tell that something was not off about me looking back, it had to be very obvious. I was never suicidal to the point where I would take action but the thought pandered in my head. I feel guilt about this and I feel like i’ve wasted time because I was not living up to my potential personally and how I could affect a positive change in others because I was so overwhelmed with what I was going through. I’m proud to say that my depression has subsided…I struggle to say that it is completely gone but I know for a fact I dont feel the same way I used to, I feel confident in myself and I feel confided in social situations and my self-esteem, self-worth, and relationships with others have improved 10x. It is truly incredible. And i had been through the works of anti-anxiety meds, depression meds, etc….they numbed me and I could tell, but they didnt make me feel like myself. I now feel like a new person which I cant thank you enough for. I know you’re not the inventor of the carnivorous diet but you were my engine of information for it so for that, I thank you. 
I still struggle with one thing and that’s being stubborn. All of my issues I’ve listed above, I was too stubborn to dig deep and really find a root cause for them. And any fix that was thrown my way was bandaids on an open wound that never healed. I really dont know if I would’ve seen old age without this switch and although that sounds drastic, I believe it. I was healthy on the outside and very physically fit but was self-destructing on the inside in every way. I gave your diet a shot, against the advice of my wife, because I was willing to try anything….but mainly, I was looking for a way to get rid of my pesky heart palpations because they were just a nuisance. I had no idea that it would lead me out of my depression and give me a better life overall. 
Once again, I am truly grateful. You’re doing great work!
PS..I have preached this to my immediate family and my wife. They are slowly adopting. I’ve also switched my dog over to eggs and meat and he’s 9 years old now and runs around like he’s 2!

Erik improved his digestion and fitness, and treated his allergies and respiratory issues on a carnivore diet

I’ve been approximately 90% carnivore for the last 9 months. I’ll never forget the first time I came across the subreddit r/zerocarb. I read the description of the group and laughed when I saw the part about not eating any plants. I vividly remember telling myself, “these people are full of shit…everyone knows we need to get nutrients and fiber from plants”. This kicked off a 9 month investigation into what being healthy means. For reference, I’m an engineer by profession so I tend to try and read everything about a subject.

For me, the carnivore lifestyle has been a massive journey in expanding my understanding of the world and what conventional science has taught us. All of us….and I mean all of us we’re taught the food pyramid. It’s been one hell of a journey just unlearning what is good and healthy for us. People at work critique me every day about my eating habits, but here I am with zero health problems, in the best shape of my life, and to top it all off nobody believes I look 33. Everyone thinks I look like I’m in my mid to late twenties.

I’m fortunate enough to where I haven’t had any major health issues in my life. The only thing I really had was irritable bowel syndrome and allergies. I look back now and I never had proper bowel movements. On top of that I was always waking up to urinate in the night. Those are the two main issues I had in my twenties. Some of it was probably excessive alcohol use but I contribute most of the IBS to my diet. Once I switched to carnivore both symptoms disappeared within a week. I honestly could not remember the last time I slept through the entire night without waking up to use the restroom.

The second major benefit to the carnivore lifestyle was my allergies went away. I’ve always had the problem of an itchy throat and only being able to breathe through one nostril at a time. Within three weeks, my allergies were gone and I could breathe!

I’ve been playing sports, working out and generally interested in health my entire life. I’ve noticed my endurance while running has increased dramatically. I’m able to work out much longer and my strength has significantly increased! If I miss a few days of working out I don’t loose strength or body composition like I used to.

I believe we are on the brink of a health revolution. The more the carnivory lifestyle grows, the more propaganda for veganism grows. It’s been very interesting to see it develop over the last few years. My goal is to help Dr. Baker on the research/analytical side of the carnivore movement. I can’t help but think what we have left to unlearn. How much bullshit have we been fed?

The single biggest benefit of this carnivorous lifestyle hasn’t been anything physical. It’s opened my mind to endless possibilities on how to improve my life. It’s changed the way I view our economy. It’s changed my life in that I want local food sourced and I’ve picked up hunting as a sport. From adopting the carnivorous lifestyle, I’ve learned how destructive monocropping is on the land, and how beneficial it is for ruminants to graze the land instead. Another important aspect of the carnivorous lifestyle is it’s taught me how easy group think can be. There is a huge push right now that wants to blame global warming on “cow farts” when in fact “cow farts” have an insignificant impact on our environment. Just think for a moment how many resources it takes to get fruit from one end of the globe to the other. A carnivorous lifestyle has helped me think for myself, listen to my body and improve the lives of my loved ones.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Henry improved his dental health, digestion, mood/mental health, nervous system, sleep, and weight loss, and treated his addiction, headaches, and fatigue on a carnivore diet

Before I began the low carb, high protein meat diet, I ate a standard diet. I was 198 pounds (I’m 5’11”). Symptoms included:

  • Drank too much
  • Weed dependency
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Low Energy
  • Teeth pain
  • Big gut
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Tingling in my feet and fingers
  • Hands fell asleep often
  • Headaches
  • Mood disorders
  • Always gassy

Today I weigh 152 pounds and I began working out again. All the above symptoms have gone away completely or improved significantly.

Currently consider myself a “loose carnivore”. I eat mostly beef, pork, chicken, eggs and cheese with the occasional fruit, dark chocolate or momma’s homemade pie.

Ken improved his mood/mental health, sleep, and weight loss, and treated his addiction, anorexia, and fatigue on a carnivore diet

My experience with carnivore has been such a surprise with my mental health. I did not expect that. I hoped it would help with my physical appearance.

I am 44 years old. Last summer, I went on a summer camping trip. I looked at pictures after the trip and felt sad and discouraged. I had man boobs, a gut, no definition in my arms, and it showed in my face too. I had low energy and strength. I started to wonder is this it? Middle age? The unavoidable continual decline of my T levels?

This set me into a depression. I have battled depression My whole Life. It has been severe. At 21, on a church mission, I experienced anorexia. I am 240 pounds now. I hit a low of 148 pounds then.

I returned home and began 18 years of alcoholism. The alcohol brought me some relief from the mental states that made the anorexia so severe. The anorexia disappeared, but alcohol brought too many problems with it. I also sought help from anti-deppressants. There was a decade of my life where I tried, I believe, 14 different medications.

They did not work, and some had terrible side effects. I swore off anti depressants forever, when in early sobriety, the pharmacy said my monthly bill would be over 1000$ for 30 pills.

One night, in a gift from Heaven, my friend told me about a diet he was doing.

He was in great shape, full of energy.

I was open to change. That very night, I went home and ate my first carnivore meal. I went all in, 100% strict, no cheating for 1-1/2 weeks straight. I slept better, felt more energy. The biggest surprise of All, was that soul-crushing depression and anxiety faded almost entirely away.

The “bottom” of the darkness was raised up to levels I could manage.

The stricter I am, the better the results.

I also add 10,000 IU vit D/day (max safe upper limit for men) and 3000 or more mg DHA. (It is winter time and I suffer from SAD).

I am sober now with several years sobriety in a twelve step program. I have found that I must do much more than I thought I would have to do to keep myself healthy Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically, but it IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

Al improved his dental health, digestion, fitness, mood/mental health, respiratory system, sleep, and vision, and treated his diabetes, joint pain, and fatigue on a carnivore diet

I was doing some research on veganism a few months ago, and I came across people who were using the meat only diet or the carnivore diet. After seeing the damage done to eating only vegetables, I saw that many people were eating the meat only or zero carb diet. The most notable YouTube videos that were the most compelling were from Jordan and Mikalia Peterson. Assuming they were telling the truth, I found their results were quite remarkable. I’ve been battling weight for most of my adult life, and I have always been looking for a better way to do it. I was never a vegan and I never considered it because the vegans I knew were very bitchy and hot-tempered.

I’m not going to write much here about nutritional issues because I’m not that well-studied in the subject. I’ve heard all sides but this one seemed to make the most sense. I’m in the habit of using the natural law or natural order to make important decisions. I wish I had known how to do this earlier. But the carnivore diet makes sense because before modern times, most of the nutrient rich foods were animals. While some vegans claim there is an ethical issue in killing animals, the truth is that is what we were designed to eat along with plants. It is a part of the natural law so I decided to give it a try based on the Petersons’ testimony.

What I now eat is as follows: chicken, fish, beef, cheese, eggs, and lots of bacon. That’s it. And I’ve been eating like this for 134 days as of this writing.
Here are the results from this test:

  • Improved mental clarity (some may disagree)
  • Improved mood
  • Sugar addiction is gone
  • I had pain in my right shoulder area and that’s gone
  • Hunger is manageable and easy to control
  • I’ve lost a little over 18 pounds since the beginning of this diet and 47.5 lbs from two years ago
  • Macular degeneration is gone. This was a big surprise. I don’t have any more floaters in my eyes
  • Sleep has improved
  • My teeth have stopped deteriorating as I lost three molars last year
  • I’ve had a chronic cough for over 20 years and now that’s gone too
  • Bowel movements are limited to once a day, sometimes two. Sitting on the can once a day is plenty
  • I can get up at 6AM and go through the day until 8PM without a nap
  • Energy level feels like I’m in my twenties; I’m 72
  • Type 2 Diabetes gone-actually did it before carnivore on the plain low carb Atkins type diet by losing weight.
  • I take no more prescription drugs

I thought the Atkin’s diet was good, but this is a little better and easier to stay on without relapsing into the old ways. I’ve completely lost my desire for fruits and vegetables. I’m not sure I want to eat them again. I’m still considering it. With all of the sprays being used in agriculture, it may make sense to stay on the carnivore-zero carb. I like to drink beer but the last time I had one it made me sick and I stayed up all night trying to go to sleep. I’ve learned to just stay away from liquor as I don’t see any health benefits in drinking it.

I’m trying to find some negative effects from this method and I can’t find too many. My social life is different as I don’t want to go out and eat with friends because I don’t want the temptation to eat the rabbit food. I don’t have the desire to have my nightly Margarita as all of my sugar cravings are gone. The money I save from buying crappy food and eating out helps to keep me within my budget. My meat costs are about $200.00 per month and I buy most of it from the local butcher shop. I save money by not buying things like bread, peanut butter, nuts, popcorn, pizza, and produce.

However, I am really perturbed to learn this at the late age of 72 and I’m wondering now if this vegan nonsense is politically motivated. I think it is, but that’s a subject for another time.

Again, I look at the results; if it works, then I think it is useful. I’m still learning about all the nutritional issues, but at the end of the day, it still comes down to results. I haven’t felt better for a long time if ever. I’m actually startled but happy with the results. I see no reason to change anything in the future. If it is working; why fix it?


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