Blood sugar

Hyperinsulinemia Predicts Fatal Liver Cancer but Is Inversely Associated With Fatal Cancer at Some Other Sites


Journal: Diabetes Care

Publication Date: 05/2001

 Summary: Observational study of nondiabetic French men. Peripheral hyperinsulinemia, indicative of very high portal insulin concentrations, predicted fatal liver cancer in these nondiabetic men, but was inversely associated with fatal lip, oral cavity, and pharynx cancer; stomach cancer; and larynx cancer

Dietary glycemic load and colorectal cancer risk


Journal: Annals of Oncology

 Publication Date: 01/2001

Summary: Dietary glycemic load and glycemic index were compared in patients with colorectal cancer versus hospitalized controls. The positive associations of glycemic index and load with colorectal cancer suggest a detrimental role of refined carbohydrates in the etiology of the disease.


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