Carnivore transition period tips by coach Tracy K

In the beginning of transitioning from your previous diet to the carnivore lifestyle, there will be some adjustment. Paying close attention to your electrolytes is a good thing. Our bowel is getting used to not having carbs and often times drops water along with diarrhea. This can flush out some of  your electrolytes and make you feel really drained. Electrolytes (Re-Lyte or Keto Drops) can help you replenish the lost electrolytes and aid you in the transition.

Another suggestion would be to get plenty of rest. Resting will aid your body to transition and heal. Often you might feel very fatigued. It isn’t anything that you cannot handle and push through, but resting will help immensely! The carnivore lifestyle is more about healing and along with healing, your body begins to balance out weight, fluids, electrolytes. Hang in there and you’ll get through the transition period quickly. When you begin  your transitioning, it is a good idea to take some time off of work if possible or plan to begin over a long weekend. 


Support is of the utmost importance! It is what Dr. Baker says is the only supplement needed on this lifestyle. Try to get involved with Meatrx and all the meetings and their forum, or find other carnivores on Instagram or hire a coach on Meatrx. You need support and likeminded friends who can encourage you along your path!

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