Allergies tips by coach Alitheia

Well I have a histamine intolerance (possible MCAD) / casein allergy/ and several intolerances such as: Gluten, lactose, olive oil/ fodmap/ sulfur/sugar and oxalate sensitivity – dietary disability basically. 


For histamine intolerance you can do a few things, to reduce histamine reactions:  

– as a carnivore freeze your meat. That really helps further histamine build up. 

– don’t eat fermented anything

– be careful with processed meats, even bacon, bone broth, pemmican or high histamine meats can be a problem. Listen to what your body tells you. 

– then there is the Ancestral Supplement with Beef Kidney and Diamine Oxydase which will reduce histamine in the body and prevent histamine bucket from overflow. Less symptoms. Really works for me. You take DAO before every meal. But I also take DAO off label, whenever I have ANY histamine symptoms. 


For all allergies and intolerances, as a carnivore, it is easiest to avoid all those trigger foods, so the body can calm down and heal. 


Also, High Thiamine (up to 1800 mg) – there is a lot of research done on thiamine deficiency by DR. Derrick Lonsdale and Chandler Marrs. Some people need an extra kick, carnivore may not be enough.

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