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Tatiana Zlydennaya

Tatiana Z

Spoken Languages: English, Russian

Location: Digital nomad, currently in Thailand.


I’ve had personal experience with: Autoimmune Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto), SIBO, Acne, Chronic Fatigue, food malabsorption, leaky gut.


My name is Tatiana Zlydennaya, I am 40. I ve been keto carnivore for 15 months.

I was vegetarian before that for 5 years, meatless diet compromised my health and I had to learn eating and digesting animal food again. It was challenging in the beginning but I am glad I had this experience as now I know how to get back to eating the animal food in the most enjoyable way. As a result I healed my gut and improved my health dramatically.

On the way I also dropped the hormone replacement medicine as my thyroid anti-bodies and other thyroid markers got back to normal. All the symptoms of low thyroid function has beed gone as well. Some other conditions have magically improved: better vision, skin, cognitive functions, less grey hair (I’ve got first grey hair at age of 25 as my father and sister).

From childhood I was not fit enough to do any sport. Now I hike twice a week in the jungle and do HIIT.

Before I ve started eating carnivore, skipping a meal was terrifying but now I work out in fasting state and have never had so much energy. My metabolism rate improved significantly.

For the past 18 months I ve been focusing on studying health and nutrition on daily basis through self-study and certifications and I am eager to share my knowledge. I was amazed to learn how food we eat or don’t eat influences not only the physical body but the mind and emotions.

I ve started nutrition coaching first for my family and friends about a year ago and now as a MeatRX certified coach I am happy to help you to improve your health through nutrition and fasting and be a source of knowledge and support.

My personal mission is to make sure that more people become aware of the health dangers of plant based diets. If you speak Russian welcome to my blog where I share my knowledge and experience.


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Michele F

Hello, I’m Michele.

I am here to help you define and reach your goals.

I will listen to you and provide non-judgmental guidance and support.

I have personally experienced wonderful health improvements when I began a low-carbohydrate/Paleo (and then a meat-based Ketogenic) way of eating in 2013. Since progressing to strict Carnivory in Spring 2019, I experienced even greater and sustained health improvements.

I’ve been inspired hearing Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Georgia Ede, Amber O’Hearn, and several others discuss the benefits of Carnivory on numerous Podcasts and in reading their posts, over the years.

Then, I was lucky (and thrilled) to meet each of them (and so many other inspirational people) at the first ever Boulder Carnivore Conference in 2019.  These experiences have further shaped my understanding of health and species-appropriate nutrition.

As a Psychotherapist myself (with years of training and volunteering in Crisis & Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery), I am especially interested in how Carnivory improves and maintains our physical, mental, and emotional well-being to equip us to be our best in everyday life (and our most resilient during unexpected circumstances).

If you are wondering how to begin the Carnivore way of eating, or how to maintain this lifestyle even when away from home (such as when travelling for business, pleasure, or volunteer assignments), I am a Coach who can help you!

I want to hear your story and support you in your healing and in maintaining a strong, healthy body and mind.

Book a time with me when you feel ready.  🙂

(I’ve had personal experience with: weight loss, SIBO, acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, histamine intolerance, upper respiratory infections, recurrent ear infections, sore throat, rash, headache, sinus pain, joint pain)

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Steve cures Irritable Bowel Syndrome with a carnivore diet

Up until going carnivore, I had IBS for as long as I can remember. It seemed like literally everything I ate made me feel bloated. I have sometimes prevented myself from going to social functions or dating because of the amount of gas my body would generate, especially if I ate foods that were particularly

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Justin improved anxiety and mood on a carnivore diet

My story is pretty intense and spans practically my entire life. I am a c-section baby and for as long as I can remember I have been sick. As a young child my autoimmune issues weren’t so severe. Minor eczema, canker sores. But I did showcase autistic tendenciess and always had severe anxiety and mood

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